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Case Study Help

Case Study Help Recruitment company, SYNERGY, based in Central London has asked you to provide an I.T. system that would fit in well with their rapid expansion plans but not cost the earth during their start-up phase. Their current computer system consists of standalone PC systems which have been using for the day to day business operations and the existing infrastructure requires updates to fulfil the growing demand of the business.
As their business rapidly expands, it is required to migrate to a centralised system (Client- Server) utilising Microsoft Server 2008 or a latest server that actually provide I.T. systems for the company. The company (SYNERGY) is required to have a fully featured system including remote access.
The company new infrastructure is going to be as follows:
One PC’s for receptionist, five PC’s for recruitment consultants, two PC’s for administrators, one PC for recruitment manager, one PC for secretary, three PC’s for clients, one server room with two PC’s for database and network administrator, one network printer at the reception. Mr. Timothy Kelly is the director of the company and his Laptop needs to be connected to the system where he would have access to the entire system. Based on their job roles you are required to identify the most appropriate system configurations which support their tasks.
As an IT consultant, you have been approached by Mr. Timothy Kelly to specify and recommend different computers and other required components for all staffs according to the company requirements. All computers must be able to process the required jobs such as multimedia documents effectively and promptly. Also all the New PC’s must be capable of handling highest security for accessing data, internet and files saved in hard drive or the server. When buying the components, you must recommend the right processors, motherboard, memory, hard disk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cooling fan, CD-ROM, printer, Operating systems, Servers, Routers etc.

P2.1- Produce a system design specification to meet a SYNERGY needs. this point i need only design