Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

A Case Study Analysis

Discuss the likely actions taken during the project management and identify any TWO of the PMI processes (according to the PMBOK) which in your opinion appear to have failed in this project.     For EACH of these two processes specify TWO apparent failures in terms of their process outputs. (That is FOUR apparent failures in total).     For EACH of these four apparent failed outputs give your opinion on which inputs, or tools & techniques, might not have been done or used properly that resulted in, or greatly contributed to, that failure. Give reasons and discuss your explanation in each case.     For each failed output provide one recommendation for how that failure might have been improved or avoided by using the tools and techniques described in the PMBOK.   You will be discussing FOUR apparent failures in total. Each failure should be explained in terms of the processes according to the PMBOK to demonstrate your knowledge of how those processes influence project outcomes. Each failure should have your recommendation for what might have been done to avoid or mitigate the failure. There is no requirement for introduction, preamble, conclusion or summary to combine or link these failures. You need only address the four failures themselves. You will need to adequately describe each apparent failure and explain why you believe it contributed to the problems presented in the article. Do not address any apparent failures or other information that might be available elsewhere other than this article. Ensure that the four apparent failures you do address are sufficiently different or separate from each other and avoid discussing the same failure different ways.