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C Programming Assignment Help

Project 1Winter Break!

Write a C++ program that displays something you did or happened to you over the winter break on screen in large letters.  There should be no input, only output.  For example, I went to painted my bathroom walls, so my output would look like:

P   P  A A    I   NN  N   T   E     D   D  !
PPPP  AAAAA   I   N N N   T   EEE   D   D  !
P     A   A   I   N  NN   T   E     D   D
P     A   A IIIII N   N   T   EEEEE DDDD  !!!

Generate this output by using cout statements.

Project 2: Square and Triangle

Write a C++ program that accepts a single numeric value which will serve as the length of the side of an equilateral triangle or the length of a square.  Compute the perimeter of each one by using the formula:     perimeter = 3 * side     for the triangle and      perimeter = 4 * side   for the square .  The program dialog should look like this:

Enter a perimeter (in inches): 50.0
The Perimeter Of A Square With 1 Side Of This Length =

200.0 inches  The Perimeter Of An Equilateral Triangle With 1 Side Of This Length =

150.0 inches