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Australian Legal Citation

This is a research essay. You can use any of the resources provided in the course but you should also conduct independent research. You should have a minimum of 8 references. Your work should be referenced according to the referencing method used in your program: e.g. Harvard, APA Australian Legal Citation, Chicago etc. Max 1800 Words. Topics: Choose ONE from the list below 1. Victorian laws of investigation are increasingly open to scrutiny so it is unlikely that the state will see another Tasty Night Club inquiry. Critically discuss this statement. 2. International criminal procedure is lagging behind the significant growth in international criminal law and fails to provide adequate due process for defendants. Critically discuss this statement. 3. Recent changes to criminal procedures relating to sexual assault in Victoria have improved the experiences of sexual assault victims in the court process but still have a long way to go. Critically discuss this statement. 4. Police powers to stop and search in Victoria have gone too far. Critically discuss this statement. 5. The prosecution duty of disclosure is an important protection against possible miscarriages of justice. Critically discuss this statement. 6. Imagine you’re a police officer desperately searching for a kidnapped child. You know who committed the crime, but he’s not talking. Time is running out. So how far would you go to extract information? Would you physically threaten the suspect? Would you physically harm him? (Damien Carrick, ABC Law, Critically discuss this statement in the context of Victorian and federal coercive investigative powers.