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Australian Corp Law

PART 1.  15 MARKSREGISTER A NO LIABILITY COMPANY  complete all the forms/ consents registers read section 117, 112(2) and all other relevant  sectionsPART 2. 15 MARKS         WORD LIMIT:-  500 WORDSRESEARCH AND EXPLAIN THE MAINTENANCE OF  CAPITAL DOCTRINE  — This is a research assignment therefore there must be a Bibliography – it must be foot noted and any quotations must be in ”   ”  quotation marks.This research requires you to research  the history and reason for it’s development and form an opinion whether it is still part of the Australian Corp Law and whether it is a necessary part of Corp Law. Your opinions must be supported by your research.NB. MARKS WILL ONLY BE GIVEN FOR ORIGINAL WORK  —  COPYING FROM TEXT BOOKS OR OTHER MATERIAL  WILL NOT BE REWARDED  BE CAREFUL OF  PLAGIARISM