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Assessment of Reporting Practices by a public company


This assessment requires you to carry out the following analysis and research using Fortescue Metals Group Limited as the case study company, using its 2014 Annual report and 2013 for comparison purposes where appropriate.  In addition to Fortescue’s Annual Reports, their website, and other media sources, you should research and cite in the reference list attached to the report, relevant professional and academic research on the topic of integrated reporting and its value or not to stakeholders.  You should :   (1) conduct financial statement analysis based on financial ratio calculations. You may use basic functions within an Excel spreadsheet to calculate financial ratios [the ratio formulae to perform the calculations are provided in the textbook) (2) conduct financial statement trend analyses based on financial ratio calculations (3) form and articulate your opinion about the quality and adequacy of the company’s current reporting and the usefulness of the auditor’s opinion (4) form and articulate your opinion about the quality and adequacy of the company’s governance, and of its corporate social responsibility reporting (5) observe the company executives’ ethical and reported behaviour in the context of your observations and opinions in (3) and (4) above  (using publicly available resources including the annual report and any other sources such as, but not limited to, news and analysts’ reports, statements to the stock exchange and so on) and to consider the impact such behaviour and disclosure will have on the market price of company shares and debt (6) research, quote if relevant, and reference appropriate professional and academic research about integrated reporting and its value to stakeholders (7) write a professional standard report in which you present your findings, and conclude with your opinion of the overall sustainability of the company, based on your research and arguments above Your calculations and other relevant information that you gather about the company should support your written analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. The report should not exceed 2,800 words (excluding the executive summary, appendices, and reference list).   The assignment covers all materials relating to topics listed below from modules three and four: ·         Module 3 – Topic G: Financial Management Control, & Performance Measurement ·         Module 3 – Topic H: Ethics and Corporate Governance Best Practices ·         Module 3 – Topic I: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Environmental & Social Responsibility ·         Module 4 – Topic J: Income statement and ratio analysis ·         Module 4 – Topic K: Balance sheet and ratio analysis ·         Module 4 – Topic L: Cash flow statement and ratio analysis