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Administrative Law

Write a brief on a news story. The story that has been chosen is in the link provided: To Submit in a brief: Write a total of 500 words, in connected prose, on your chosen story. Your writing must clearly and succinctly: ● Explain why the story is likely to fall within the meaning of administrative law. This will require you to locate a reputable legal source (primary or secondary) that defines/explains the meaning of administrative law and paraphrase this definition (using limited quoted words in quote marks) into your essay. Ensure you carefully select the words you quote as key to supporting your propositions. Ensure you acknowledge and reference sources. ● Identify in your answer the likely: i. Legally relevant facts (eg. parties; standing; jurisdiction); ii. Legal issues in contention (eg. issue/s in dispute & suitable administrative law process); iii. Applicant’s desired outcome (eg. remedy); and iv. Provide a comment (around 300 of the available 500 words) on a. the significance of the ‘case’ or consequences for Australian society, and b. how this makes you feel. Note: Administrative Law is the body of Law that regulates government decision making. To check and see if the decision made by any government body is constitutionally valid. In this case, we are to decide if the decision of the Immigration Department to deny a visa is constitutionally valid, to try argue in favour of the mother. Does it impede on rights and values held important by Australia.1. Provide three industry related applications of when leveling is  used.    2. Your team is required to conduct a leveling job that is estimated to take 2-3   days to complete. How would you properly complete the job without starting each day on the same starting point?  3. List five limitations and/or errors that are exclusive to leveling.