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What is Psychology?

Our online Psychology tutors have simplified the concept of psychology to help you get a brief idea about the subject. According to our experts, it is the study of human mind through their actions and behaviors. A more pronounced definition on psychology tells us that “Psychology is a profession, science and Scholar discipline concerned with the behavior of human and animals, and related mental and psychological processes”.

Human brain is small yet complex. But studying psychology has nothing to do with exterior or interior of human brain. Rather study of Psychology helps to develop a critical analyzing power to read human mind through their actions. Though we aren’t aware about it, but all our activities are connected to the working of our mind. Hence, Psychology is an appealing subject to most of the students in College and universities. Before going to deeper study on this subject, let us get a brief overview on its history. Our psychology tutors have outlined few important points of the past that resulted in the emergence of modern Psychology.

Overview on history of Psychology

In earlier times i.e. thousand years back, primitive Muslims were the first to have scientific methodology to psychological illness. After that many researchers and philosophers conducted different experiments and gave different theories in Psychology. Some of the important theories are outlined below. If you are looking for Psychology assignment help on historical portion of this subject, you can come to us and get the entire information in simplified and comprehensible way.

Psychoanalysis: This theory was developed by Sigmund Freud (Austria) based on clinical observation and self-analysis of the mind. His theory mainly focused on the study of Unconscious mind where he explained that our thoughts and actions are the result of unconscious. He also explained that making unconscious thoughts conscious can help to treat Psychiatric disorders.

Structuralism verses Functionalism: These were highly debated theories at that time. On one side, where E.B Titchener from USA was a great supporter of structuralism, on the other side William James and John Dewey Were the supporters of Functionalism. Though both these theories dealt with conscious mind, but Structuralism focused to explain the basic components of consciousness through self-examination whereas Functionalism focused on Purpose of consciousness.

Behaviorism: This theory was put up by John B. Watson (USA), an American Psychologist. This theory explains the influence of environment on human behavior. More clearly, how people develop new behavior from their surrounding environment is explained in this theory of psychology.

Humanism: This theory draws a connection between our actions and the psychological processes. According to this theory, all our actions are nothing but simply the mental development of our mind and we have full liberty to change our thinking and behavior.

Cognitive Theory: It is the most recent theory in psychology that focused on developmental process in human. This theory aims to explain the mechanism behind reasoning and thinking capability in human in different stages of life, from an infant to a child and then to an adult.

This is just a basic information outlined by our online psychology tutors. If you want to learn and acquire more interesting information’s on history of psychology, you can contact us to get the entire details.

Our psychology tutors are retired professors from best Universities of Australia. They will provide you Psychology assignment help in all the topics. We also have tutors holding Masters and PhD. degree in psychology who are recently working as a lecturer in top colleges of Australia. Hence, we assure you that your assignment are forwarded in professional hands and the work provided to you encloses accurate information. Along with our learned tutors, some proficient writers also work with the team to check the grammatically section of your psychology assignment.

Though psychology is a separate field in Science, it is again categorized into many areas. Specialization in any of these areas will help you get a professional degree. With the motive to acquaint you on some branches of this field, our online tutors have drawn some important areas of psychology that are pursued by most of the students.

Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychology is the study conducted on different facets of human i.e. Psychological, biological, emotional, social etc. to improve psychological pain and discomfort that originates within an individual. Moreover, knowledge on clinical psychology focuses to help an individual adapt in the surrounding environment and comfortably adjust in the society, promoting their personal development. This area aims to provide knowledge on reliving an individual from mental illness that affects their overall development.

Developmental Psychology: This area of psychology focuses on the psychological changes that takes place in developmental stages of human life. This area is mainly concerned in understanding Social, intellectual, emotional and physical development in different stages. Along with this, the influence of environment on Social and emotional well-being of individual is also explained under this branch of psychology.

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Health Psychology: Health psychology deals with the study of biopsychosocial aspects of human illness. Medical professionals usually treat patient with medicines, but health psychologist does a little different job. They work to find out the reason behind deteriorating health of an individual in biological, social and psychological context and through some sessions of counselling, motivate individual to overcome such problem that signals their fast recovery.

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