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The objective of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to write a paper based on the analysis of qualitative data. You will complete this assignment in two (2) parts:

 You are required to complete all TWO parts of the assignment.


There has been a growing interest in describing the qualities of a good teacher (Azer, 2005; Murphy, Delli & Edwards, 2004). This is important because teachers’ instructional decisions which influence students’ learning experience are influenced by their beliefs in what makes a good teacher (Woolfolk Hoy, Hoy & Davis, 2009). Hence, research on the essence of a good teacher has important implications for teacher education.

You are required to conduct research on the topic “Teacher beliefs in the qualities of a good teacher.”

PART 1: Data Analysis

In this part of the assignment, you will analyse all the data that you have collected for the topic “Teacher beliefs in the qualities of a good teacher.” Use a two-step procedure to analyse your data.

 Step 1:   Indexing and Charting Data

  • Identify sections of the data (audio/video recording of interviews and interview transcripts, and documents) that correspond to various themes established in your thematic framework (from Assignment 1). Ensure that the themes are relevant to the research objective.
  • Identify data samples for each theme and prepare a chart for all the data that you have collected.

 Step 2:  Conducting Inter-rater Reliability Test

Conducting an inter-rater reliability test involves:

  • preparing two lists: one comprises a list of themes and the other a list of data samples.
  • getting one or two colleagues to match the themes to the data samples. If there are disagreements, resolve the discrepancies by discussion.

Note:  Inter-rater reliability is described as “the extent to which different coders, each coding the same content, come to the same coding decisions” (Rourke, Anderson, Garrison and Archer (2001, p.6). This verification process is necessary as some amount of subjectivity may be unavoidable in coding transcripts.

 PART 2: Data Interpretation and Presentation of Findings

This part of the assignment requires you to interpret the data and report your findings.

 Assignment Description

Based on your qualitative data collection and data analysis, write a paper that is a response to the topic “Teacher beliefs in the qualities of a good teacher.” You may include the following outline for the paper:

  • Data analysis:
  • describe how data were indexed and charted,
  • describe the associations between themes
  • include a diagrammatic outline of inter-related themes

Inter-rater reliability: explain how it was conducted

  • Data presentation: explain how the data will be presented
  • Findings: write the outcome of the analysis of the data

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