This is a solution of Project on Recycling Urban Land part 1 in which we discuss the same part of land is going to be used for homes and gardens. High level of oil is not good for both homes as well as for gardens.

Various Threats and the Work Needed to Do

1 High Lead Level

Project on Recycling Urban Land part 1

It has been found that at BHV10 the level of Lead is high. This point of land is part of children’s park. Lead is hazards to health and its effect on the children is more dangerous. These effects include impaired mental and physical development, problems with hearing and decreased level of vitamin D etc. BHV10 being part of the children’s park itself, no compromise with its safety can be accepted.To reduce the risk management, top few centimetres of the soil of BHV10 should be removed and replaced with good quality one. Moreover it should be tried to make a barrier between the children and this part of land, if the mentioned development of land is not feasible.

2 Mineral Oil within gasworks at elevated areas

Some part of elevated areas contains gasworks. The same part of land is going to be used for homes and gardens. High level of oil is not good for both homes as well as for gardens.To remove or to decrease the contamination of oil from the land two processes can be done. Either soil cleansing can be used which is generally preferred when the level of contamination is high and uses active agents to separate oil content. It’s a short term process. Second process is process of Bioremediation which takes longer time for purification and uses nutrient salts to break down the oil (Taylor, 2006). This method is cheaper than the previous one and is preferred when the oil content in the soil is less than 5%.

3 PCBs within shallow ground at council area

PCBs are potential harm to human health. Many PCBs are proven carcinogens. Apart from these can harm the immune system suppression and reproductive and development toxicity. Due to various sources PCBs have been added and are being added in the soil. Recycling of the same is very necessary.PCBs behave differently in various types of lands. It also depends on the extent of chlorination. PCBs generally have less solubility in land that means that they last for longer time than other contaminations. More highly chlorinated PCBs have lesser solubility, so more harmful to the humans.These PCBs are not found in the areas where homes or the park or garden are going to be constructed, so it agreed that this part of land also needs to be purified but that is not the top priority (TOX Reports).

4 Iron concentration more than 32 g/kg in large area

Unusual level of iron is not good for plantation. If it is found in the area where garden needs to be developed, appropriate measures must be taken for that before starting work of development. Here it is found that, in some part of the land, the iron concentration is more than 32 g/kg, which is considered too high for plantation. Moreover it is harmful to human as well as animals also. It affects the immune system of the human. It is even more harmful to animals if the level of iron is too high(SGV Reports).This can reduce growth of the garden grass. To reduce the iron level developer can add mulch and drainage to the soil which help in reduction of iron build up. Another way of reducing the iron level is adding organic material for the same purpose. Even zinc can also be added in proper proportion to decrease the iron level from the soil.

5 Findings of Asbestos on the surface

Asbestos is a risky material for health due to various reasons. The asbestos fibres are very easy to spread in air or in soil from the place which is contaminated. From air they can enter into the lungs. Asbestos are not soluble, so they remain in soil and if inhaled then in lungs for long time. This situation is hazardous to health. This can cause lung disease. The probability of this danger increases many times if the person going to be in contact with it remains in contact for long enough periods. And here when the soil is going to be used for residential purpose, surely persons would be living here for long time. More over this asbestos keeps accumulating in the lungs, which causes various diseases, even cancer.In the Wade landfill area, asbestos is found in high concentration. As it is dangerous to the people going to live here, it needs to be removed from here before any major construction takes place(Sasek, 2008).There are several ways to remove asbestos from the soil. Sometimes the contamination is spread into several inches of soil only. So that part of the soil can be removed from the good part. Thisneeds to be done under proper observations of experts. If not taken care, asbestos spread in the soil can contaminate the air heavily while and the excavation for the construction is going on. Also cover the part of the soil which is not contaminated before the cleaning of asbestos begins.EHS – Environmental, Health and Safety issues and measures should be considered while measuring levels of asbestos and the removal of the same. Removal of the asbestos is a complex job which needs to be done by licenced and experienced contractors only.

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