This is a solution of Project Management Assignment part 2 in which we discuss It was the first time that Farthest was hosting the world youth Indoor games and it was really a proud moment for the whole country.

Quality Plan

Project Management Assignment part 2

The Quality of the project report being made for the purpose of organising the world youth indoor games has to be maintained very high since so many participants and countries would be participating in the event. And if there is any compromise in the quality of the infrastructure being developed for the World youth games then that will affect the status of the whole country in front of the world. There are two standard ways defined for measuring the quality of the project being developed which are as follows:


Conforming to the customer requirement
The Quality assurance for the project is very important since with the project reputation of the country is at stake. It is not easy to measure the quality of the events and ceremony hosted during the world youth games since that will also depend upon lot of external variables. For example the quality of the event will also depend upon the participants and audience as well which can’t be controlled. But in order to monitor the quality of the project regular audits have been planned by ZX consultants. These audits will help in determining the quality of the infrastructure being developed for the games. Audits will find out the difference between planned and actual quality of the project and if there would be any gaps then those would be filled with the help of proper marketing planning and execution.


Time planning for the execution of the project has to be done in such a way that the project execution can be done well within time of starting the event so that all the arrangement are completed before the time of the games in order to avoid the risk of late completion of the work. The Time plan can be made as per the various activities which have to be undertaken in order to complete the project. The Time plane for the project is as follows:
Activity Description Preceding activity Time required
A Sponsorship and negotiation – 22 weeks
B Sporting facilities – 52 weeks
C Design and analysis of the communication software A 14 weeks
D Construction of media facilities B,C 16 weeks
E Programming of communication system C 26 weeks
F Installation of communication software and telecommunication hardware D,E 6 weeks
G Developing transport network – 40 weeks
H Security arrangements G,F 12 weeks
I Public relations and advertising F 10 weeks
J Human resource organising I 12 weeks
K Test games and trail events H,J 6 weeks
L 3 events (including opening and closing ceremony) K 2 weeks

Communication Plan

The Communication plan for the project will involve the frequent liasioning of all the project stakeholders. A proper communication plan ensuring that stakeholders are well aware of the progress of the project and any new development in the project. For making all the stakeholders aware about the process, weekly MIS would be prepared which would contain all the information about the project progress and any future progress on the project as well. Other than MIS system, meeting would be held on the monthly basis which will include all the key stakeholders and the important issues would be discussed in the meeting and monthly mails would be done and feedback would be taken from the each stakeholders on the progress of the project so as to ensure there is proper communication channel among the stakeholders of the project.


Farchester which is the capital city of North American city was going to host the World youth Indoor games 2012. The purpose of the project is to develop the world class infrastructure for the athletes competing in the games and audience as well. The Project has various constraints such as time allocated is 2 years; budget allocated is $25 million and limited human resource. At the same time quality, time and risk has to be maintained in the project.

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