This is a solution of Project Management Assignment part 1 in which we discuss It was the first time that Farthest was hosting the world youth Indoor games and it was really a proud moment for the whole country.


Project Management Assignment part 1

Farchester which is the capital city of North American city was going to host the World youth Indoor games 2012. It was the first time that Farchester was hosting the world youth Indoor games and it was really a proud moment for the whole country. The Event was going to be started from 2nd November, 2012 and Farchester was to do all the sporting arrangements for the success of the event. ZX consultants has been given the contract for the assisting the Farchester Games coordination committee which is looking after all the arrangements of the event. Purpose of project report initiation.The World Youth Indoor games are organised once in every two year and this time the opportunity for organising the games has been given to the capital city of North America i.e. Farchester. The World youth indoor games involve more than 5000 participants all across the globe and the reputation of the host country would be at stake for the organisation of the event. Also the purpose of the project is to develop the world class infrastructure for the athletes competing in the games and audience as well.


The Objectives of the current project are as follows:
1.To develop the indoor stadium with the capacity of 30,000 seats
2.To develop the world press and media centre
3.Re-development of the building and other infrastructure for the athletes and audience as well
4.Transportation system for the games such as rail network and bus link from main city centre to stadium
5.To develop the web transmission and satellite communication so as to facilitate coverage throughout the world
6.To develop the web portal of the games in order to develop the communication infrastructure

PID Content
Business case

The scope of the current project in terms of the budget has been allocated as the $25 million which would be sponsored by the local government organization and other sponsors of the event. A total of 5000 athletes would be taking the part in the event and total capacity for the audience has been taken as the 30,000 people. The games will be for the two weeks and during this time the games would be broadcasted throughout the world and people from various countries will also visit to watch the games.The Games will commence from 2nd November, 2012 hence the total time available for completions of the project is about 2 years and the project has to be finished well in time so as to mitigate the risk of untimely completion of the project. The Project will involve various activities related with the organisation of the games such as the developing infrastructure, fund raising, marketing plan, organising human resource training and organisation of events and ceremony.

Project Definition

The Current project can be defined as follows:
Redevelopment of the existing infrastructure
Building new infrastructure
Developing web portal to provide information about the games
Develop communication infrastructure for the international coverage of the games
Training human resource required for the organisation of the games

Project Constraints

Like the other project this project also has the various project constraints which are as follows:
1.Time: Since the games are commencing on 2nd November, 2012 so there is only limited time of 2 years. Also the project has to be finished before two years since the all arrangement has to be completed well before the starting of the games.
2.Budget: Since the budget is being sponsored by the local government and some other sponsors so there is only limited budget of the $25 million under which the whole project has to be completed.
3.Human resource: The Human resource which can be employed for the project is also limited hence proper utilization of the human resource is very important in order to complete the project.

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