Project Management Assignement Help

Project Management Assignement Help

Managing Project SIM 335


Assignment Control Lecture Week 8

Pinto, J. K. (2013) Project Management:

Achieving Competitive Advantage. Harlow:  Pearson Education

Essential Reading

Pinto, J. K. (2013) Project Management: Achieving Competitive

Advantage. Harlow: Pearson Education Study Guide:

Maylor, H. (2010) Project Management 4th ed. Edinburgh:
Additional Reading:

Pearson Education Limited (pp. 130-173)

Schwalbe, K. (2009) An Introduction to Project Management. 2nd  Ed. Boston: Cengage Learning (pp. 105-146; 161204)

}Assignment Control Week 8

}This session does not address your specific  assignment in terms of content.

}The assignment is yours to produce.

}This session simply outlines some approaches  to general assignment construction.

Project Management Assignement HelpAssignment Task 1

  • This is an individual assignment complete both tasks 1 and 2.
  • Read the case study thoroughly before attempting the
  • Task 1; 700 words (+/-10%)
  • Task 2; 3000 words(+/-10%)

Assignment Task 1

  • Task 1 (40%) each short answer question requires a response;
  • Questions awarded up to 4-6 marks requires a response in a few sentences.
  • Questions awarded up to 8-10 marks requires a paragraph for the response.
  • As the Project Manager responsible for the installation and start up of the new wind  turbines, you are contracted at the feasibility  You are required to prepare a report  (2,300 words).
  • From a project management perspective outline the activities required to successfully  manage this new initiative, ensuring that it is on  time, and within budget

}by applying a range of project management  concepts introduced in the module such as  project definition, project life cycle, project  scope, developing teams, leadership and  management.

  • Use examples of the concerns, stages, processes, leadership, and administration and  control problems associated with managing the  lifecycle of this major project.

Task 2 Find and Organise relevant Information

  • Identify sub – headings and theories / concepts that you will investigate.
  • Check recommended reading lists in module guides. } Conduct a literature search through; } Electronic databases.
  • Journals and Newspapers.

Task 3 Plan the Assignment

  • An assignment plan will help to;
  • Establish the main arguments of your writing.
  • To assist in the organisation of the main concepts and arguments in a logical, coherent and consistentorder.
  • Allow you to distinguish the main concepts from the supporting arguments.
  • Reduce the possibility of overlooking important facts.
  • Makes the writing of the work easier.
  • Makes the work more coherent, consistent andbalanced.

Task 2 Produce a Rough Draft Copy

Questions to ask once the Rough draft Copy is complete.

  • Is the work balanced.?
  • Does this work reinforce and emphasise the main points?
  • Do some sections need expanding or contracting?
  • Does the work flow consistently and coherently?
  • Are quotations, examples and other illustrations used that strengthen the arguments presented?
  • Are there any unsupported personal views and opinions, (bias)?

Introduction: 5% length.

  • The purpose of the introduction is to set the scene.
  • Make it clear what the problem or questions.
  • How you are going to approach the problem or question.
  • Show the reader how your work will develop and progress.
  • Introduction:

Informs the reader how you will actually answer the  question, identifying the concepts / theories the work will  identify, describe, explain, analyse and evaluate.The Introduction sets the “agenda” of the work. Write the  introduction last, once you know how your work will develop.

Main Body of Your Work: 80%length.

  • Provides the opportunity to build upon explanations and arguments with concepts,opinion sand actual evidence, from a range of authoritative and reliable sources.
  • Main Body:
  • The “Main Body” answers the question in a chain of interconnected paragraphs that build to construct and

present your argument, coherently and consistently

  • Conclusion: 15 % length = Restate your arguments.
  • Reinforce your points.
  • Do not refer to new evidence.
  • Make recommendations.
  • Always refer back to the title.
  • You may indicate whether you are arguing for or against a particular concept using summaries of the main
  • It should read as it is a natural end to the work and do not present new concepts or arguments but present a  review of the main arguments from the main body of your Project Quality Management
  • Project Quality Management is, “A subset of project management that includes the  processes required to ensure that the project  will satisfy the needs for which it was  It consists of:
  • Quality planning } Quality assurance } Quality control -.

Burke, R. (2003) Project Management, Planning and Control Techniques. London: John Wiley and Sons.

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May or, H. (2010) Project Management. London: Prentice


Pinto, J.K. (2012) Project Management A Competitive

Advantage. 3rd Ed. London: Pearson Education Limited  (Chapter 9)

PMBOK Handbook (1992). Volume 6, Projectand  Program Risk Management.

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