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In many Olympic events such as diving or gymnastics there are a number of judges who score the competitor’s performance on a 10 point scale (1 <= score <= 10). The competitor’s total score is calculated by summing the individual judge’s score but not including the smallest and largest scores in the total.

For example, assuming there are 6 judges and their individual scores are 4, 7, 9, 3, 8, 6 then the competitor’s total score is 25 (4 + 7 + 8 + 6)

If smallest score (or largest score) occur multiple times only one occurrence of that value is excluded from the calculation.  For example, if scores are 4, 8, 6, 4, 8, 5, the total score would be 23 (6+4+8+5)

You are required to write a program which will compute the scores for multiple competitors according to the algorithm given above, by removing the highest and lowest from the calculation as well as determining which competitor obtains the highest score. The following screen shot shows only two competitors, and the scores of 6 judges. Your code will need to handle any number of competitors greater than one and any number of judges greater than two.

In addition your code will report which judge gave the highest scores total for all competitors.  In the above screen shot, judge 5 gave the highest scores total of 16 for these two competitors.

Your program should be capable of handling multiple winners and multiple judges with the highest scores total.

Assignment Requirements

In this assignment, you are not to use any of the System.Array class methods.   You are allowed to use Length and GetLength() as these are not System.Array class methods.

Look at arrays in lecture 3 and 4 if you are not familiar with Length and GetLength().

You have been given an almost emptyof research  project folder, Main contains a two-dimensional array, results, which has been initialised with the scores from six judges for two competitors which matches the data displayed in the screenshot on the previous page

Your Main method will be solely a test driver code to show that your methods produce the desired outcome.  You are free to declare other arrays, of whatever dimension in either Main or in your other methods.

The only statements other than declarations that will be in Main will be method calls or assignment statements for receiving the returned value from a method.  Main will have a loop structure to enable the processing of multiple competitors.

Only after you have managed to get your program working for the given array data, should you add additional rows of values, for additional competitors, and additional columns for additional judges to results.

There is to be no input of data from either the keyboard or from a file. All data will be hardcoded in the array results.

Electronic Submission

You will submit your assignment via the link in the Assessment folder on Blackboard (Bb) before 11am on 11th April.

Detailed information system on the assignment submission will be available on Bb in the document, Second Assignment Submission Details.docx by 1st April, along with the CRA for this assignment.

Final Comments

Your output will be similar in format and layout to the screenshot and will include a Welcome message at the start.

Be sure to test your program thoroughly with a different number of competitors and judges.

There will be a time in the week 5 workshops to ask questions about the assignment providing you have completed the set activities for that workshop.

Remember incremental development & implementation. Do not leave this assignment until the day it is due as you will be unlikely to complete it in time.

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