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Programming In Java

Purpose of this assignmentProgramming In Java To provide learners with an understanding of the principles of programming in Java, exploring the object oriented nature of the language and the multi-platform versatility offered. Company : Robert is running a small company supplying Wood Flooring to offices and houses. He has hired two assistants to do the work. Each assistant can install wood flooring at an average rate of3 m2 every hour. Each assistant is paid £ 10.25 / hour. Robert charges an additional £85.00 / week for his administrative work. Design a program to calculate the overall job cost, assuming that there will be only one type of wood used in all the rooms with a price of £19.95/ m2 . The user should provide dimensions of the room and you are required to calculate following:1.Area of the room2. Time necessary to install the wood floor3. Final cost of the job.Assume Robert will always use both of his assistants for every job.Robert accepts cash payment if the final cost of the job is less than or equal to £300. If the final cost is above £300, payment by debit or credit card is accepted.Your program should prompt the user with “Payment Options”, if the final cost is over £300.If “Debit Card” is selected as the payment option, there is a charge of £0.50 per transaction.If “Credit Card” is selected as payment option, there is a charge of 2% of the final cost. If the client chooses to pay in Cash, there will not be any additional charge.London School of Science & Technology . Read more about : Physiological Principles for Health and Social Care


Task 1 : (LO1: 1.1, 1.2, M1) Interim Deadline (6th October 2014) Word Limit (400-700)(Formative Assessment in Week 3)

Why is JAVA characterized as a High Level Language? Describe the basic characteristics of the language focusing on:

1.Object Oriented (encapsulation, inheritance & polymorphism)

2.Distributed Language


Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the JDK development system with an IDE such as Netbeans or JBuilder.

Provide a critical review of Java for the following features

1.Platform Independence

2.Java for Mobile Applications

3.Embedded Hardware Programming in Java

Task 2 (LO2: 2.1, 2.2, M2) Interim Deadline (20th October 2014) (Formative Assessment in Week 5)

For the given scenario: Produce a requirement specification template to address:

Possible Inputs

Possible Outputs

Possible user interface

Identify all possible input/output and any necessary intermediate processing variables – constants for your program

Create a table with the:

Variable name,

Description if it is constant/variable and its usage/role

Datatype information

Produce a statement in JAVA to declare and initialize them if necessary (Write the command lines in your word document template).

Produce a graphical representation of how the user interface could look

Produce a step-by-step pseudo code to describe the processing of the data.

Draw a flow chart for the pseudo code produced.

Task 3 (LO3: 3.1,3.2,3.3, M3, D1) Interim Deadline (3rd November 2014) (Formative Assessment in Week 7)

Write a Program in Java for the given scenario.

Create separate functions to calculate Area, Time Required and Total Cost.

Alter your program so that the user can enter the number of rooms requiring flooring.

Create an Array to calculate and store (Area, Time required and Total Cost) for each room.

Calculate the Final Cost by adding the total cost of all rooms.

Calculate the total cost to pay if Credit/Debit card charges are applicable,

London School of Science & Technology

Display the output in a tabular format. Click Here

Design a UML diagram for your design with the main objects and all possible attribute fields and behavioural methods and their interconnection with the Main Class.

Task 4 (LO3: 3.4, 3.5, D2) Interim Deadline (10th November 2014)

Implement exception handling in your java program written in Task 3.

Design user interfaces using NetBeans or any other IDE.

Convert Your Java program from Task 3 into Graphical User Interface.

Task 5 (LO4: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3) Interim Deadline (17th November 2014)

Use your testing values to evaluate your objects individually and overall design. Compare your results with expected results.

Ask your Tutor to test your design. Make any recommendations according to tutor’s feedback.

Implement the changes according to the tutor’s feedback.

Task 6 (LO4: 4.4, 4.5, D3) Interim Deadline (1st December 2014) (Formative Assessment in

Week 11)

Add comments to your code to support your development.

Produce a small manual document where you:

Describe the purpose of the Project

Show how to operate the User Interface

Provide input/output test screen-shots to support the running demo

Produce Java documentation using the JavaDoc utility which comes with Java Development Kit.


Summary of evidence required by student


Task 1

A Written document which explains the characteristics of Java and comparison of two IDEs.

Evidence should be ready by week 3 for formative assessment.

Produce a document which shows the possible input, output and interfaces.

Task 2

Create a table with variables, types and possible default values.

Evidence should be ready by week 5 for formative assessment.

Java Programming code in NetBeans and UML class diagram in any appropriate software.

Task 3

Evidence should be ready by week 7 for formative assessment.

Task 4

Java Programming code with exception handling and user interfaces

Annotated screen prints of testing results.

Task 5

Tutor’s feedback

London School of Science & Technology

Comments within Java Program code

Documentation of your Java Program

Task 6

Annotated screen prints for running demo

Evidence should be ready by week 11 for formative assessment.


Course notes

  • LSST Connect
  • Text Books
  • Bloch J – Effective Java, Second Edition (Prentice Hall, 2008) ISBN: 0321356683
  • Goetz B – Java Concurrency in Practice (Addison Wesley, 2006) ISBN: 0321349601
  • Niemeyer P – Learning Java, Third Edition (O’Reilly, 2005) ISBN: 0596008732

Achievement Summary

Pearson BTEC HND Diploma in

Dr. Austin Briggs,


Computing and Systems Development

Assessor name

Mr. Syed Rizvi

Unit Number and

Unit 41: Programming in Java

Student name



To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is



able to:


London School of Science & Technology

Higher Grade achievements (where applicable)

Grade descriptor


Grade descriptor




M1: Identify and apply strategies to

D1: Use critical reflection to

find appropriate solutions

evaluate own work and justify

valid conclusions

D2: Take responsibility for

M2: Select / design and apply

managing and organising


appropriate methods / techniques

D3: Demonstrate convergent

M3: Present and communicate

/lateral / creative thinking

appropriate findings

Assignment Feedback

Formative Feedback: Assessor to Student

Action Plan

London School of Science & Technology

Summative feedback

Feedback: Student to Assessor

Assessor Signature


Student Signature


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