This is a solution of Programming Assignment-Btechnd that describes about  Developing business IT strategy can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented IT solutions.

Purpose of this assignment

This assignment considers the skills required to perform as a software professional dealing with Object Oriented design and development. This assignment will give learners opportunities to understand the Object Oriented concepts and implement the whole process from identification of user’s need, design, implementation, testing, maintenance and review. It is important that learners do not just develop skills in specific techniques but are also able to select when and where they are most appropriate, based on client and user needs.

Case Scenario

Soft Sol Ltd is a is a software development company, whose work includes, but is not limited to, developing bespoke software packages for clients on various computing hardware and software platforms  ranging from Desktop, Mobile-phones, Embedded and Web-based applications.

As a staff member of Soft Sol Ltd you have been asked to initialise(requirements gathering, analyse the requirements), design, develop and deploy a system to fulfil a user/client’s needs(Client/User company name is ‘Cars R Us’).

You have been assigned a project to create an application with GUI for ‘Cars R Us’ where client/user can enter details about  different types of cars, for example, BMW, Ford, SUZUKI, Toyota etc. Each car can be identified by make, engine-size, colour etc.

The user , should be able to view the detailsthathave been entered about different cars in a dialogue box right after each particular entry.

There should be an online option to ask the user, if they need ‘help’ in using the system or not.

You should make sure that the client company is totally satisfied with the product being developed and should provide support documentation as well.

 Finally, you need to construct anobject oriented solution(using JAVA)  based on user’s requirements.

Tasks : 1(LO 1: P1.1)(Part of M1)

Discuss the following object oriented concepts with examples that have to be considered when designing an Object-Oriented solution( Not based on scenario):

  1. Object
  2. Class
  3. Instance
  4. Attribute
  5. Method
  6. Variable
  7. Difference between super class and sub class
  8. Package
  9. Inheritance
  10. Platform-independence

Task 2 : (LO 2: P2.1 ,P2.2) (Part of M1)(M2)

a.    Analyse the given scenario and identify :

·        Names of different classes

·        Attributes (with data types) and methods related to each class

·        Relationship between classes and cardinality(In case, more than one class is found) .(P2.1) (Part of M1)

b.    Based on your analysis in TASK 2a , produce a design for the object oriented programming solution using ‘UML CLASS DIAGRAM’ method for the given scenario(Use MS-VISIO or any other design tool).(P2.2)(M2)

Task 3: (LO 3:P3.1,P3.2,P3.3,P3.4)and (Part of LO4: P4.4) 

a)    Implement the Object Oriented Solutionaccording to the design specification made in Task – 2.b using JAVA programming language and ‘BLUE J’ IDE. Create graphical user interface(GUI) to make the system easy and user friendly. Use appropriate control structures if required, to implement object behaviours given in the scenario.Evidence must be shown in the form of a set of screenshots and printed source code. The code must be commented. (P3.1, P3.3 and P3.4)

b)   Create onscreen help to assist the users of the computer program being developed (e.g. ‘HELP’ menu or Pop-ups). (P4.4)

c)    Give a screenshot of BlueJ IDE to show that theimplemented class relationship diagramis made as per the scenario.(P3.2)

Task 4: (Part of LO 4:P4.1,P4.2,P4.3,P4.5)(M3)(D1,D2)

a)     Create a test plan and test the object oriented programming solution according to the points listed below (where appropriate). [P4.1]

b)    Analyze actual test result against expected results to identify any discrepancies and create a test report based on the test results. [P4.2]

Include the following in your test documentation. Testing to be carried out, expected results, actual result, work needed to correct problems & evidence for testing.

Criteria to be tested

  • Checking functionality against requirements
  • Comment code
  • Valid declaration
  •  Input testing
  • Exception handling

c)    Write an evaluation to discuss whether your completed object oriented solution is matching with the recommended design. Review the following areas: Usability and performance . Obtain evidence from the client stating their satisfaction level for the produced website and make recommendations for maintenance and improvements. [P4.3]

D1: can be obtained by writing a strong evaluation that discusses realistic and relevant improvements that could have been made to the overall system.

d)   Produce a complete documentation or user manual for the implemented object oriented solution including the ‘onscreen help option’ mentioned for the support and maintenance of a computer program and submit it. Provide annotated screenshots where appropriate. [P4.5] [M3] 

A high quality report must be submitted on time to achieve D2.

Task 5(LO 2,LO3 and LO 4: D3)

Realistically extend the given scenario and add other features that could be implemented into the object oriented system along with relevant screenshots of codes amended, the screenshots of the results/new features added, relevant test plan, test report and evaluation of the new system. Extra classes must be correctly added to the system along with supporting attributes and methods(without affecting the existing system) to achieve D3.

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