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 Learning outcome


ACIn this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to:Task no. Evidence

(Page no)

LO2:  Program DesigningP2.1


Identify the program units and data and file structures required to implement a given design 
P2.2Design a procedural programming solution for a given problem


LO3:  Program Implementation


P3.1Select and implement control structures to meet the design algorithms 
P3.2Correctly use parameter passing mechanisms 
P3.3Implement a procedural programming solution based on a prepared design 
LO4 Program EvaluationP4.1Critically review and test a procedural programming solution 
P4.2Analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies 
P4.3Evaluate independent feedback on a developed procedural programme solution and make recommendations for improvements 
P4.4Create onscreen help to assist the users of a computer program
 P4.5Create documentation for the support and maintenance of a computer program
Learner declaration
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.

Student signature:                                                Date:

 In addition to the above PASS criteria, this assignment gives you the opportunity to submit evidence in order to achieve the following MERIT and DISTINCTION grades

Grade Descriptor


Indicative characteristic/s



M1 – Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions
  • Complex problems with more than one variable have been explored
  • Standard methods used to design the proposed solution.  This has been clearly documented to a high standard.
  • Within the planning of the programmed solution a number of components and options have been presented and a possible solution has been devised.
  • All research has been clearly identified and documented.
M2 – Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques
  • The selection of methods and techniques/sources has been justified
  • The design of methods/techniques has been justified.


  • This can be evidenced through the use of formal documentation for the tasks.
  • All research has been clearly identified and documented.
  • The program has been fully broken down into appropriate procedures showing good use of parameters.
M3 – Present and communicate appropriate findings
  • A range of methods of presentation have been used and technical language has been accurately used.
  • The communication is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences and appropriate media have been used.
  • Information has been presented in the correct format in terms of layout and referencing.  The documentation is appropriate for the intended audience.
  • Evidence of knowledge and understanding has been clearly demonstrated.
  • Good grammar and spelling throughout (although a few minor errors allowed).
D1 – Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions
  • The validity of the results has been evaluated using defined criteria.
  • Realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics  for success
  • Actual test results have been analysed against expected results to identify discrepancies.
  • The program has been evaluated and appropriate recommendations for improvements have been made.
D2 – Take responsibility for managing and organising activities
  • Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated
  • Substantial activities, projects or investigations have been planned, managed and organised


  • Student has worked independently finding their own solutions to problems encountered.
  •  Work is well organised and well presented and has been completed within the allotted time span.
 D3 – Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinkingConvergent and lateral thinking have been applied

  • Problems have been solved
  • Innovation and creative thought have been applied


At this level ideas generated and decisions taken are original, creative and appropriate.  This can be evidenced in most tasks.

  • Clear evidence of developing programming skills to solve problems encountered, especially the use of validation of user input to ensure a robust program, and more advanced features have been demonstrated.
  • Innovative and creative thinking has been shown in solving these problems.  Student has clearly demonstrated alternative ways of solving problems and not just used standard solutions.
Purpose of this assignment:

To enable learners design, implement and evaluate a procedural program for an organisation.

Case Study

Your employer-employee has asked you to write a program to manage the company’s daily Sales and Purchases.  The program needs to give the user the option of entering details of a Sale or details of a Purchase.

The user will need to log into the system to access the transaction menu.  When the Sales option is selected from the transaction menu the user will be required to enter the sales price and sales costs (it should not be possible to enter negative figures for either the sales price or sales costs).  The program must then calculate and display the net sales price (sales price – sales costs).  Following that the user will be given the option of entering another sale or returning to the main menu.  The program will keep a running total of the net sales prices.

When the Purchases option is selected the user will be required to enter the purchase price and the transaction costs (Again, there should be some validation to ensure that negative numbers are not entered).  The program must then calculate and display the overall purchase price (purchase price + transaction costs). Following that the user will be given the option of entering another purchase or returning to the main menu.  The program will keep a running total of the overall purchase costs.

When the user selects to quit the program a final report must be displayed showing the total sales and the total purchases and the overall balance of the cash flow for the day.  You should include any further information system in the report that you think useful, for example, the average sales price, the average purchase price, a complete listing of all transactions, the highest sales price or the highest purchase price.

An added feature that you also need to implement is an onscreen help system, to explain to the user how to use the program

Your program should contain at least one sub procedure which uses parameters.

Task 1

1.    Identify the program inputs, outputs and functions needed.

2.    Design the program using a Structure Chart or Structured English (or any other standard design method) paying particular attention to loops and selection statements.

3.    Create a Test Plan and Test Data to test your program using both valid and invalid data.

Task 2 

1.    Code your program in C++ following your prepared design.2c) What will be implications for its stakeholders?

Task 3 

1.    Test your program following your prepared test plan and show the results using screen shots.

2.    Analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies.

3.    Evaluate your program and make recommendations for improvements following feedback from your tutor.

Task 4 

1.    Create onscreen help to assist the users of the program.

Task 5 

1.    Create Program Documentation for the support and maintenance of the program. This should include:

· The programming structures used;

· A list of the variables used in the program, explaining what they are used for and their scope and data type;

· A complete annotated listing of your program.

You are required to submit: 

  1. The complete design for the program as detailed above.
  2. The test plan, test data and test results, together with an explanation of errors encountered and how you resolved them, and an evaluation of the program.
  3. The onscreen help file.
  4. The complete Program Documentation as detailed above.

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