Privacy, Security and Ethical implications

Privacy, Security and Ethical implications

This is a solution ofPrivacy, Security and Ethical implications Assignment  in which we discuss Privacy, Security and Ethical implications can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented Privacy, Security and Ethical implications solutions.


In this assignment, the implications are discussed and summarised on the privacy, security and ethical implications. In this case study, the NGO has faced some problems due to some privacy and security issues.  So the organisation can provide better services to its clients.

Task 1

The personal and ethical implication for privacy

Personal ethical issues and ethical issues are different from each other. Ethical issues are related to moral policies and procedures of an organisation whereas personal ethical issues are considered as an individual standard or conduct behaviour.  clients of the charity who are facing some physical problems to whom NGO want to provide income as to help them to live freely without any personal issue.

The NGO is providing money as a charity. The government also want to provide support services to the clients of the charity.

Privacy, Security and Ethical implicationsThe personal implication of privacy of clients  

  • Confidential reports and information: all the confidential information of clients to whom services are provided by the charity should be confidential. This confidential report includes all the data of every client of NGO. The amount which is paid by the charity to the clients is also included in the confidential reports. If this report is not protected by NGO than it can create several issues for the client and for NGO also.
  • PII (personally identifiable information): PII is also considered as sensitive information of a person, this information is used in privacy and security laws which are made by the government of the nation. In this case study, the PII includes the digital data of the disabled clients. The PII also include the information of clients includes personal information of clients.

Risks and threats related to the privacy of the clients

Some privacy implications which are done with the help of MY support portal and by the government are to analyse the risk and threats for the privacy of clients. My support portal helps to identify the risks related to the privacy of the clients. Without identifying the risks, all the data which is related to the personal identification of clients can be lost by the NGO (Reason., 2016).

Develop strategies for data protection

The main motive of implementing the new strategies is to control the privacy and for data of clients which should be protected by internet asses. Hence the data includes all the documentary files of the clients; it also includes personal information of the clients.

Analyse the service requirements of the clients

The other main motive of NGO is to identify the services which are required by the clients. Analysing the service requirement is a necessary step which should be taken by NGO. Hence without analysing the requirements of clients, it is impossible to provide services to clients.


Task 2

Personal and ethical implications for security

Security is necessary for every organisation, whether is a private organisation or non government organisation. Security also needs by clients so that its personal data can be encrypted by the organisation. There are some security issues arise between NGO and client.

Personal and ethical implications of security of clients

  • Humanitarian practises and policies: There are some humanitarian policies and practises of every NGO, which should be encrypted by NGO. Since humanitarian policies and practises refer to save the lives of disabled people and support those people who are homeless, or who are in search of help.
  • Exploitation of data and documents: There is also a possibility of security issues of data and documents. If data and any document of any clients can exploit than it can be harmful to both NGO and its client.

Analysing of securities issues

If these issues can regularly increase than it can be harmful to NGO and for the client also. The first step is to identify and analyse the issues and risks sue to which the security level of NGO are going towards a downturn.

It is necessary to identify the reasons for securities issues ion the organisation, without finding issues in the organisation it is not easy to work properly and providing services to the disabled person in the NGO. Therefore the NGO has to analyse the factors which are necessary to resolve in the organisation.

Task 3

Privacy and security recommendations

Hence privacy and security are those necessary things which should be adopted by every organisation. Since without a high level of privacy and security organisation cannot go for longer in the future. Hence privacy and security are playing a vital role in every individual life. Therefore without any security, a customer or client of the organisation cannot be satisfied by the services of the organisation. In this case study, the NGO is facing some issues which are related to privacy and securities.

Due to these issues, the organisation fails to provide better services to its clients.

Recommendation to increase the privacy and security

There are some recommendations through which NGO can increase the level of privacy and securities of its organisation by installing the software in the organisation. Mobile devices are the tools which also control the applications and software, which is very helpful for the NGO. My support portal helps in identifying the digital way, which can be run through internet access. There are some recommendations given below through which NGO can increase its level of privacy and securities are:

  • Implementation of software: For increasing the level of privacy and security, the first step which should be implemented by the NGO is to implement the software which can control the data of every client to whom services are provided by the NGO.
  • Improvement in the cloud system: The other step which should be taken by the organisation is to make some improvements in the cloud system. Cloud system mainly helps in identification of documents. The main essential role of cloud system is to identify the PII (personally identifiable information) which is necessary to analyse the personal information of clients. In this case study, the cloud system fails to identify the personal information of clients.


In this whole assignment, all the issues and implications related to privacy, security and ethical implications. After the identification of issues, there are some recommendations to increase the level of privacy and security.



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