Positioning In The Market

Vivid Vision

We know the terrain we’ve covered; ten fast and furious years excelling in the technology industry, nationally. Looking ahead, with this “map” in hand, we have charted out the next three years (1/1/19); True North measured by the success of our clients along the way. Join us. Learn about us. Read on.

Powered by people, process, technology, and fueled by our passion, we are a proven business-technology company, focused on automating, integrating, and optimizing the business-customer

Positioning In The Market

interaction. The result maximizes our mid-sized clients’ revenue and minimizes operational costs.

Our direction—the “why” and “what” of our actions—is driven by the components in the infographic below.

Call it our company’s “compass,” guiding the thinking, decisions, and actions of everything we do. Developed through years of experience, we have identified three fundamental truths:

One, provide a snug “Business Fit.” One size doesn’t fit all.  Instead, we ensure that our work is designed and executed to the needs and processes of each unique client.

Two, focus on “User Adoption.” By seeking and implementing user adoption into our work, the final product is more useful and embraced by everyone involved.

Three, empower “Strong Leadership.” We work with key executives who understand the dynamics of their company and can help affect structural and cultural changes.

Throughout this Vision “tour” you’ll hear the echo of the following four driving factors:

  • Customer Dynamics is a brand with a clear point of view.
  • Our “not boring” people work in highly functioning teams, thriving.
  • Our customers stick with us because we deliver measurable value.
  • We practice what we preach.                                                                                                                                      Upload Your Assignment

Breathing Life into a Brand

… The set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” That’s how entrepreneurial guru and author Seth Godin defines the brand. We like it. We get it. So expect from our leadership teamed with technology, vision coupled with execution, process united with people.

Bringing our brand to life plays out in our white papers, seminars, sales engagements, as well as our operations and professional engagements. Most importantly, our brand is a living part of us—you’ll hear, see, and sense it in the attitudes of our employees. It breathes “brand life” into our best practices, Agile* processes and methodologies, and customer dynamics.

Speaking of which, that’s our name. Why? Simply put, we help our clients create, develop, maintain, and constantly improve the relationship with their own customers. As most of us know, relationships can be tricky and are always changing—in other words, they are dynamic. We excel in that.

*Agile is a modern project management methodology, typically used in software development. It helps teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, known as sprints. Upload Your AssignmentCheap_servides

Positioning in the Market

While proud of what we’ve built and the rippling wake of success behind us, we’re looking forward. As a recognized leader in business communities, we want to wear the hat of “knowledge-leader” in customer dynamics nationally.

Our white papers, case studies, and other educational efforts will continue to share how Agile development and implementation methodologies lead to impactful business transformation projects—each one designed for and aligned with our client’s customer dynamics.

Customer Dynamics helps growing companies employ the right technology for the right reasons. We master and leverage the ever-evolving technology landscape to benefit our customers, making it work for their needs, extend their reach, and teach them how to improve upon their own customer dynamics.

An alarming 50 to 75 percent of all customer-relationship management [CRM] initiatives fail. Our unique approach avoids the pitfalls that lead to this; we focus on how our clients can improve their relationships with their customers and on the tools that allow this to be streamlined and effective.

By shifting the focus away from the technology to business value, we create real, measurable results—this is why we are a “business-technology” company not just a technology company.                                                                                                                                                                 Upload Your Assignment

We the Team and the Perks

We place a priority on creating a company where people thrive in life—yep, that’s right, not just work, but “life.” We know this is vital in a growing business where people are happy and mindful.

While we are all “A” players* and business-tech savvy, our employees are unique in their diversity of skills and passions. Disciplines among us include martial arts, psychology, business operations, art, finance, music, and customer service. You’ll find individuals that identify with being craftsmen, athletes, entrepreneurs, thinkers, “young-at-heart,” and world travelers. We are not boring.

As a company, we are empowered by teams that are multi-national, multi-lingual, and welcome all races, religious beliefs, and personal orientations. Again, not dull.

We have found that individuals with experience working on successful teams (military, sports, or high-level projects) excel here. Is that you? Upload Your Assignment

Dedication pays off; employees can count on the following:

  • Competitive salaries and the incentives of both fixed and variable compensation for all employees for their individual and team contributions and achievements.
  • Five weeks of paid personal time—unmatched in the industry—to encourage rejuvenation and counter burn out.
  • Health insurance plus health and wellness program benefits, such as gym membership and sports sponsorships. Our benefits program continues to grow based on suggestions and ideas from our employees.
  • A company philosophy that believes life is to be enjoyed. Really. So taking responsibility for helping make that happen is part of what our teams do for each other.
  • Co-collaborators who are upbeat, engaged, and productive, and committed to a high quality of life in and outside of work.
  • Flexibility and trust. Employees are encouraged to work where they will be most productive, including at a client’s site, remote offices, or their own homes.
  • Our investment in personal and professional educational development.                                                                    Upload Your Assignment

In the works

  • A hiring process that identifies cultural fit.
  • Clarifying job descriptions for all positions.
  • Creating meaningful learning and growth plans for each employee.
  • Re-working employee manual that is aligned with our growth plan.
  • Reviewing each employee, monthly, using Agile* concepts.
  • Using systems and processes to measure and increase employee engagement.
  • Holding monthly retrospective sessions with a cross-functional team that includes people from sales, operations, and finance.
  • Training to support strong working relationships among different personalities.
  • Identifing ten personal goals and ten things that make each team member happy.                                                              Upload Your Assignment

The Most Important Person in the Room:

Our Client

Our typical client is a mid-market company of 50 or more individuals with revenue ranging from $50 million to $500 million annually. Many have multiple office locations throughout the United States and abroad in industries such as manufacturing, high-technology, professional services, call/contact centers, among others.

Why Knock On Our Door?

Make that an open door. Most of our clients have experienced recent substantial growth that has stressed their current business process and systems causing inefficiencies and lost revenue. They are actively seeking a partner who can help them better prepare for continuing growth.

Often, growth-related stress has fractured and disconnected our clients and their systems from their customers. For example, they have difficulty in automating business processes because the necessary data they need is located in multiple disconnected or siloed systems. Also, the quality of the data may be questionable due to entry error, outdating, or duplication. Because of this, their ability to improve customer dynamics is significantly compromised.                                                                                                                                                            Upload Your Assignment

They come to us. Why? Word on the street is that we’re to be trusted, have earned ourselves a nice track record, and we’re committed—in other words, when it comes to our clients, we’re in it for the long run with them. In positioning our clients to excel in the future landscape, we provide structured development, enhancements, and new ideas that innovate their company from both a business and IT perspective.callus1

Often, we come to understand our customer’s business processes and business systems better than they do; we become familiar with our clients’ growth strategies and strategic initiatives. Then, we translate this knowledge into creating processes and systems to improve their customer dynamics.

Our clients stick with us because we deliver measurable value by carefully tracking metrics. Using a baseline, we measure the results clearly illustrating and quantifying value. The client can compare their investment in their systems with ongoing excellent returns.

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Why should business leaders look at technology differently? How can a company benefit from an inevitably changing landscape three or five years from now? What will a company’s tech transformations look like? Where should tech talent be deployed because of out-of-date technology or advances?

Our crystal ball is busted, but we do have the expertise to offer actionable content to help our clients understand what’s next and how to navigate the future. In this business, to stay in business, you have to keep your knees bent and anticipate the next move based on industry shifts. You need agility. For us, our motivation for mastering all our moves is how to drive value for our clients.

In marketing, we target the “C” level suite, offering solutions that align business processes and vision with technology. Our marketing efforts are architected to leverage and build a community of clients who identify with the power of customer dynamics.

In producing content, we hone techniques and strategies to improve upon our client’s customer dynamics. This includes building leadership strategies to support change and strengthing user-adoption and employee-engagement.

While our competitors view technology as the end-result, we see it as the means for spearheading strategic change, ultimately bringing a client’s vision to fruition.

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Our continuing and attainable vision includes:

  • Promoting thought leadership around the topic of customer dynamics.
  • Developing an annual marketing calendar for focused messaging and community growth.
  • Creating stellar educational content stemming from our success strategies.
  • Providing educational seminars on leadership, strategic deployment of technology, and employee engagement.
  • Growing a network of more than 100 referral partners.
  • Producing educational materials featured in sophisticated business journals (i.e., Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes).
  • Collecting a library of educational material for our website.
  • Establishing efficient distribution channels for educational content.
  • Sharing case studies exemplifying client success.                                                                                                            Upload Your Assignment


Shhh. Listen. That is the first step in our sales approach—listening. We need to thoroughly understand what our clients’ needs are so we can, in turn, provide solution-oriented options most aligned with those needs. It’s a step by step process—we never try to sell a client on everything at once.

These projects are complex and require a step-by-step approach with our clients; this allows for a greater depth of understanding and a chance to gain their trust—and vice versa. We’re partners after all—we need to understand how each other works. For us, “sales” involves a long-term relationship; we’ve worked with some of our clients for more than a decade.

To compete, we rely on the value of our proven methodologies and our ability to provide technical services aligned to our client’s business strategy. We provide our clients an initial assessment; generally, a paid engagement, to determine a comprehensive long-term plan encompassing their next several projects. This assessment allows us to understand our customers before we recommend specific actions and solutions. It also allows us to educate our clients on the innovative processes we use to better serve them.

At the completion of each project, we jointly evaluate the progress to determine the next step, if needed.  These “reflective pauses” help us stay focused on what we were hired to do and prioritize our client’s needs. Part of the process for us in sales is to make sure each additional step/project returns value to our client. The success of our sales is dependent on the return investment to our client; this matters to us.

We use the very processes, practices, and tools that we sell to manage and improve our own customer dynamics. We have a well-defined and managed sales process that is driven by our marketing efforts on the front end and flows into each client engagement on the back end. Each opportunity is tracked within our CRM system and transitions through one of four sales stages to support accurate forecasting.

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Our sales team is responsible for generating $6 million in annual sales revenue; 40 percent of which will come from existing clients, and 60 percent from new clients.

Our continuing and attainable vision includes:

  • Producing defined sales templates for assessments, sprints, upgrades, and other sales engagements.
  • Continually expanding a growing network of referral clients and partners.
  • Honing an executable sales process that can be mastered by a sales rep within three months of hire.
  • Increasing our presence in Phoenix, Houston, and Salt Lake City (our “growth points”) where our regional sales team will continue to develop client relationships and sales.


We’re not going to serve our clients a simmering tech stew without first eating it ourselves. How else are we going to know if it is any good? Everything we propose and sell to our clients has to be good enough for our own systems. As a result, we are extremely familiar with the technology systems and processes from a user’s perspective and are continually honing these with improvements.

At first, our clients might not like it; then they’ll love it. We bill on a weekly basis, all itemized, so clients can see what we’ve done, how we did it, what it costs. Such transparency holds us accountable and keeps clients educated and engaged with us if there are any questions or concerns. We like to make tweaks right away if something is awry.

Through our internal system, clients have real-time access to a portal allowing them to see what we’re working on, how much time its taking, expenses—Pretty much everything that we have access to, so do our clients.

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Let’s face it; business systems are never done. To stay competitive, we must all adopt principles and practices that embrace the constantly changing market. Technology is morphing faster than ever. We use Agile methodologies* to keep pace with change in this competitive landscape. It is iterative, collaborative, and fluid, providing the ability to constantly tune and adjust a project. Agile methods keep us constantly focused on outcomes—again, back to that “stew,” we use it ourselves. About once a quarter, we run an “internal” sprint to improve our own processes and tools.

Our continuing and attainable vision includes:

  • Solidify our client facing processes by delivering more value through our portal.
  • Tracking ALL projects and all backlog items in CRM.
  • Creating a baseline for every new project and measuring progress every 12 months.


We’re a business; while we like what we do and aim to please, making money matters. Profitability is a measure of success for us as it is for our clients.

Our continuing and attainable vision includes:

  • Generating over $1.3 million in net profits on $6 Million in service revenue by Dec 31, 2019.
  • Aiming for our net profit margin to exceed 22 percent.
  • Reducing risk by maintaining a strong cash position allowing for unexpected fluctuations in workload or in the economy.
  • Maintaining a steady cash flow with less than 25 days average outstanding A/R.
  • Adding up to 25 new team members as needed for growth.
  • Continuing to pay our employees above-average compensation consisting of a base-pay consistent with the market and a performance-based bonus.
  • Paying up to 10 percent of our profits back to employees in the form of profit sharing.                                                   Upload Your Assignment

Core Values


We look for leaders that move beyond just managing to mentoring and helping employees thrive as individuals. Just as the company’s stakeholders hold the leadership accountable for results, leaders hold their teams responsible for their individual results.


We are trustworthy, always demonstrating the strength of character to do the right thing even when it is inconvenient and difficult to do so.


We establish baseline measurements and then measure progress to clearly demonstrate our client’s ROI.   We hold ourselves accountable for delivering high value and providing a swift return on those investments.

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As a business-technology company, our Modus operandi is transparency and trust. We use the very systems for internal operations that we deploy for our clients and set up systems allowing them access and understanding of projects, step by step.


When Customer Dynamics succeeds, that success does not belong to anyone individual.  It belongs to our employees, clients, partners, and their customers. Our focus begins with thriving individuals working together.

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