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Preparing for Interview and Apply for Hadoop Developer Position and Attending the Interview


After preparing the resume, the next step was to prepare for the interview and apply for a Hadoop developer position. So, I have to prepare well for the interview. This interview is a platform for me to give the interviewer an idea of how can I work, and show the skills and knowledge I have about Hadoop.

 Initially, the first plan that I have was to identify the most common questions asked during the interview. The second plan was to focus on my strengths and to brush up on the technical knowledge for which I got trained. The third plan is to improve the communication skills by managing the interview tension and excitement. The fourth plan is to ask seniors or experienced employers to conduct mock with me. The fifth plan is to review the mistakes I made in this process and fix them.

The next plan was to research possible Hadoop developer positions through the websites like monster.com, careerjobs.com, and indeed.com. The last plan is to apply for Hadoop position that is available in the job searching websites. If my resume is selected for an interview, then the company may give me an aptitude test. Some companies do not have any aptitude test. If I have cleared the aptitude test, I have to attend the interview and the interview might be face-to-face or telephonic.

Finally, I have prepared for the interview which includes questions about problem solving and technical skills. Then, I apply for the Hadoop developer position through websites and attend the interview with confidence.


As per the plan, I prepared for the interview. Using the internet, I searched for the most common interview questions. I reviewed the technical skills that I obtained while training during the 2nd iteration. The technical skills included the skills that I included in the resume. I prepared for the communication skills by standing in front of the mirror and reciting a presentation on Hadoop. I also gave the explanation of Hadoop programs in front of my roommates to improve the communication; this also helped build my confidence.

Then, I looked for jobs in Hadoop developer positions through internet. Then I shortlisted the companies based on vacancies, company reputation, location, and position. Then I uploaded my resume and my personal details in the company website.

Finally, I got a call for an interview. The interview was face-to-face and it was located in a location which is very far from me. While going to an interview I was confident enough to answer the questions and the interviewer was impressed with the answers. Later, I got a call from the employer and informed me that I got a job as a Hadoop developer.


After implementing the plan, preparing for interview, and applying for a job, I observed that I am confident enough to present the practical skills but I am not strong at academic skills.

The observations I made were about the qualities required to impress the interviewer. Previously, I have no idea of the qualities but after preparing for the interview, I became more confident. I observed that the competition was required to crack the interview. I noted how far better qualified I was above the other candidates. The mock interviews really helped with this.

The observation I made about applying for a job was the company’s profile and its requirement, which match my skills. I observed how I can build my career after joining the company. After getting shortlisted for the interview, I observed that concentration is required while attending the interview.


This iteration was successful in preparing for the interview and cracking the interview in a big company. It helped me in patching up the strengths and weaknesses. The mock interviews and suggestions given by the seniors helped prepare me for the interview. I learned to convert all of my negatives to positives.

As the selection of a company has a crucial influence on my future and the career growth, I was very careful in selection.  I found very good job vacancies and took additional care in matching the company requirements and my skills. As I have concentrated pretty much on practical skills, I was very confident in getting a call for the interview. I attended an interview and was very confident in answering the questions. Finally, I accepted a Hadoop developer position in a company.


 This action research project is successful with a knowledge gaining experience. In these 15 weeks of my research, I have gained knowledge of getting a job. It made me believe that smart working is necessary to crack the interview. In my project, I have learned about the process of finding a job, its methodology, and action research. With the help of action research, I realized the process to adopt, how to plan, and what should I plan. It also made me to learn how to divide the framework into small segments and work collectively with those segments.

 In this paper, I have divided the action research into four iterations and started working on these iterations. These iterations helped me search for the employment, work on mini projects, meet the Hadoop professionals, prepare the resume and interview, apply for the company, and attend the interview. These iterations helped me to split the work to achieve my goals. Thus, I prepared a good resume with the help of Hadoop professionals and prepared for the interview. Finally, I submitted my resume in the market, attended the interview, and got a job as a Hadoop developer.


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