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A-QUIZ. (40 marks) Attempt the Assignment 1 quiz after Week 4. Paste the results of your quiz here.

B-Q1. (10 marks)Number conversion systems:

  1. You need to convert a decimal number to the hexadecimal equivalent.

Use the last five decimal digits of your MIT student ID as the decimal number. (e.g. if your ID is MIT121801, then your decimal number is 21801)

Then, convert the decimal number to hexadecimalequivalent. (You need to provide the steps as shown below, do not use a calculator)


21801/16 = 1362, remainder 9

1362/16 = 80, remainder 2

80/16 = 5, remainder 0

Answer: 2180110 = 502916

  1. Convert the hexadecimal number to the binary equivalent.

(e.g. 502916 = 0101 0000 0010 10012)

  1. Convert the binary number to the octal equivalent.

(e.g. 0101 0000 0010 10012 = 500518)

B-Q2. (20 marks)Processor clock speed vs Instructions per cycle (IPC):

Achieving high performance in microprocessors will be a tremendous challenge. You will need to do a research and write a report (in your own words) on the topic “factors governing the IPC and the clock”

Limit your report to maximum of two pages (you can provide charts, tables to supplement your report). References need to be specified.

B-Q3. (40 marks)Building two computer systems:

Identify the cost of building two computer systems (one for the business office use and other for the home use) using components purchased individually from a shop.

You need to specify the following:

  • Selection of CPU, memory, hard drives, display monitor etc.
  • Other input/output devices
  • Expansion capabilities
  • Support for multimedia
  • Costing based on components for the two systems

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