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What is Plant Biotechnology?

Let’s start with some basic knowledge about plant biotechnology, as described by our plant biotechnology assignment experts, that you will need to know in order to succeed in this course. Scientists consider biotechnology, an intriguing although complex route, to be a technique to improve many processes associated to human survival. One of the main reasons why students choose jobs in biotechnology, including plant biotechnology, is because of this.

Plant biotechnology is generally defined as a branch of biotechnology aimed specifically at the exhibition of new traits or the amelioration of already existing traits in plants by means of genetic modifications, just as biotechnology aims to improve the yield of goods and facilities for human use by means of living things. Techniques like genetic engineering (GE) and plant tissue culture are used to make these genetic alterations.

Plant biotechnology has a wide range of uses, which can be broadly divided into four categories:

Medicinal: covers the production of monoclonal antibodies, DNA or RNA probes, vaccinations, and many other things.

Industrial : Plant biotechnology has an industrial application in the large-scale manufacture of items like alcohol and antibiotics utilising genetically altered microbes, resulting in higher quality and quantity.

Agricultural : Plant biotechnology plays an important role in agriculture by developing bacteria/virus-resistant crops, such as BT cotton, which is developed with the help of genetically modified Bacillus thuringiensis.

Environmental: The environmental value of plant biotechnology involves applying biotechnological technologies to solve problems such as pollution, biodiversity loss, and many more.

What are the main goals of Plant Biotechnology?

Plant biotechnology is a field primarily concerned with the application of technology to plants in order to increase the quality and quantity of products in a shorter period of time by avoiding the usage of older and more traditional ways. It aims to accomplish the following two primary goals:

Crop improvement: increasing crop productivity by developing plant types with desirable characteristics, such as

Tolerance for herbicides

Resistance for pests

Tolerance for natural calamities such as drought

Have nitrogen-fixing ability

Tolerant towards acidity and salinity.

Nutritional value of crops: incorporating changes in the food crops for

Improving quality, shelf-life and safety

Reducing the concentration of saturated fatty acids in the vegetable oils to make them healthier

Producing functional food items, i.e. containing components that are biologically active and imparting health benefits.

Current Hot Topics in Plant Biotechnology

Although plant biotechnology is a broad science, the following are some of the most common topics for which students seek plant biotechnology homework assistance from our plant biotechnology experts:

Large scale plant tissue cultures

Production of bio chemicals and its improvements

Enhancing the yields of biomass

Microbes free plants (virus and bacteria)

Micro propagation


Embryo rescue and somatic variations

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