PIRLS Results How Well Australia
  • August 18, 2018
  • Maddox Smith
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PIRLS Results How Well Australia

PIRLS Results How Well Australia International Reading Literacy Study, which was recently released in the first week of December, has analyzed the literary skills of 4 students of 580,000 years in 50 different countries. Australia achieved the 21st rank in the ratings, in the list exceeded many important contenders such as Portugal, Spain and New Zealand. After the last time (2011), Australia had made significant improvements in ranking in the list of 45 countries in the 27th place.

PIRLS Results How Well AustraliaThe objective of this special assessment is to understand and improve the literacy scores for each country by focusing on the broad cross section of the students of those countries. In the 2011 study, Australia received 527 points, while this time it was awarded 544 points (a significant 17 point jump). Although it came out of 24 countries in the list, it still remains behind behind 13 other countries, including Russia, England and Singapore.

Notably, each state and territory in Australia made an improvement since the last time, except for the ACT. The results for ACT went backwards by 4% since the last time (2011). The results in Western Australia, however, improved by 10%, while Victoria scored the highest in the assessment. Unfortunately, around 7% students in year 4 failed to reach the “low benchmark”, which remains the same as 2011.

In addition, some voices in the demographic acquisition, which were in the evaluation of 2011, continued this time too. Literacy results for indigenous students seemed worse than non-indigenous students. Where 83% of non-indigenous Intermediate literacy reached the benchmark in student evaluation, only 57% of indigenous students were able to do the same. In addition, 69% of the more deprived schools were performing at the student level, which was higher in other schools (80%).

According to a report published in “The Guardian”, the Australian Council of Education Research Deputy Chief Executive said, the result has made positive changes in the average reading performance in the country,  While highlighting special groups of students who struggled to understand the understanding of reading. He also said that the development of literacy in the achievement of 4 year students in PIRLS is widely in line with this note that the level of reading of 3 Years in Nepal an is getting better at the national level since 2008.

PIRLS Results How Well Australia

According to MS Thompson’s statement, the priority of policy makers and teachers in the country is to focus on addressing the learning needs of special groups of students who were poorly performed in the report. Like PIRS 2011, 6% of students did not reach low benchmark in PIRLS 2016. Also, significant achievement of gender, indigenous status, school location and socio-economic background is increasing.

In his statement, MS Thompson said that the PIRLS assessment highlighted some important facts. Students who went to schools, where less than 25% of their colleagues had already acquired some literacy skills during the start of the school, had received very few scores on average. On the other hand, those students attended schools where most of their partners start with some literary skills that perform better in the latest evaluation.

Thompson also said that school education and learning should not be compared with the race, but if this has been done, students with low literacy skills or literacy skills were starting the 50-meter race while starting school.  Literacy skills were ones. Although poor literacy skills, students work hard to minimize intervals, but it has been learned from other studies that the gap is not really closed. The situation of students with poor literacy skills will be bad if teachers and policy makers do nothing.

According to the report, he also said that to eliminate the inequality created between the students, to provide schools with appropriate resources for the convenience of language development and development of students who started their schooling with some literacy skills. is required. It is a long time that students with low literacy skills develop their skills and eventually catch their peers.

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