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In contemporary working environment, Human Resource Department is engaging in various strategic tools that can help in enhancing the production level of a firm along with increasing the employees’ efficiency rate. In the concerned dissertation, the researcher will emphasise on the impacts created by performance management techniques over employees’ performance and organisational performance. Adoption of these techniques by various managers, here Subway is helping in accessing the level of skill inherent within an employee and accordingly areas of development is planned for the concerned employee.

The researcher in the present dissertation study has tried to interact with managers and employees of Subway so that more accurate and specific details of the topic can be collected. However, with application of appropriate research methodology ease of process was achieved and a successful dissertation was conducted. Based on the discovered research gaps, the researcher hasl also cited few recommendations.


Conducting this research has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The contribution of this research to enhance my knowledge base and analytical skill has been paramount. It gave me the opportunity to face challenges in the process and overcome them. This would not have been possible without the valuable guidance of my professors, peers and all the people who have contributed to this enriching experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor ———————– for the constant guidance and support provided to me during the process of this research. It would not be justified if I did not thank my academic guides for their important and valuable assistance and encouragement throughout the research process. I would also like to thank my friends who had provided me with help and encouragement for collecting primary data and valuable resources. Finally, I would like to thank the professionals from the fast food retail industry who have participated in the research survey and provided with valuable inputs into the subject. The support of all these people has been inspiring and enlightening throughout the process of research in the subject.

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Chapter 1


1.1 Introduction

Ahmad, (2008) stated that the ‘Employee Satisfaction’ survey is done, the topics to be dealt are compensation, work pressure, perception of the management, flexibility of the company and the employees, team work raw resources of the company and many more. The company does this to see the work culture and the response of the employees. According to Armstrong and Appelebaum, (2007) if the employees of the company are happy the happier will be the environment of the company. The responsible people for the performance management are the managers and the supervisors of the company.

1.2 Research Aim:

In the present study, the researcher will aim to put emphasis on the performance management systems so that its impact over employee satisfaction and organisational performance can be evaluated. However, this broad topic is narrowed with a specific observation of a chosen company, Subway.

1.3 Research Objective:

According to research aim, the researcher has listed few research objectives that can help in better research process. These objectives are as enumerated below:

1.4 Research Questions:

In a dissertation study, research questions helps in bringing more focus to the key questions that are ideally helpful in extracting the most relevant information for the research topic. List of research questions are as mentioned herewith:

  1. Why implementation and need of performance management techniques are increasing within organisational environment?
  2. What are the factors that bring and leads to employee satisfaction and organisational performance within an organisation?
  3. How performance management techniques create an impact over level of employee satisfaction and organisational performance?
  4. What are the challenges and barriers faced by an organisation during the implementation process of the performance management techniques?

1.5.1 Background of the Topic:

Performance management system is the main factor that determines the organizations long-term success and failure. If there is ineffective performance then the individual, the organizational performance, and the productivity can go down. An employee satisfaction survey via performance appraisal and evaluation is done to measure the satisfaction of the employees regarding the job roles.

1.5.2 Background of the Company: Subway

Subway is an American based restaurant that is categorised under fast food retail chain. This company first opened in United States of America in Bridgeport, during the year 1965. Subway took its first step in United Kingdom in the year 1996. In 1996, Murray and Maria Speirs opened their first Subway in United Kingdom’s city Brighton. In the year 2007, Subway was ranked 15th time ‘Franchise 500’ in just past 19 years.

Figure 1: Company Logo

(Source: SUBWAY – Eat Fresh, 2014)

In the year 2012, the company Subway promised to open 2000 stores in both United Kingdom and in Ireland. By this action, the company can create a buzz of 6000 job vacancy in the United Kingdom and in Ireland market. In the year 2012, there were 1423 stores of Subway in United Kingdom. Subway is five times expanded from the year 2002 to the year 2012. Within Subway, the fast food restaurant, employees enjoy a healthy working environment and are supposed to be retained effectively by the organisation (SUBWAY – Eat Fresh, 2014).

1.6 Rationale of the Study:

Performance management is an essential element of an organisation. Performance management gives a clear detail of the performance of the employees. The employee gets the detail of their performance that how and by following what methods can the employees gear up themselves (Bernardin, 2008). If the employee gears himself or herself then the company can be benefitted.. In spite of all the problems and confrontation performance management is to be there in every organisation. According to Arthur, (2008),the performance management gives the worth and position of the employees. The position where the employees stand is the most important thing an employee needs to know. The place the employees need to cover to reach to the best position.

1.7 Purpose of the Study:

Daley, (2007)stated the reasons why the researcher has chosen performance management is with the reference of performance the systematic planning can be done. Bohlander and Snell, (2009) stated the worth of the employees can be seen after the management. Every employee gets clear understanding of the roles and personal jobs. Thus, performance management is very essential for every organisation to deal with the lacking points and increasing more and more of the better points (Cardy and Dobbins 2008).

1.8 Structure of the Study:

The researcher has tried to segregate the research study into specific chapters so that each chapter can add an element in the research topic and quality (Darke, 2008). Based on these six chapters, the structure of the research dissertation is emphasised.

Chapter 1: Introduction This initial chapter lists the research aim and objectives that are further crosschecked in the dissertation study. S an introductory chapter, this chapter gives a brief outlook about performance management systems and its impact over employee satisfaction and organisational performance.

Chapter 2: Literature Review As a chap                                                             ter of theories and literature, this chapter involves a critical discussion of all the related concepts so that researcher and readers can have much knowledge about the topic. In this chapter, concepts related to performance management and employee satisfaction is included.

Chapter 3: Research Methodology Research methodology will enlist the selected list of research tools and techniques that were involved in research of the concerned topic.

Chapter 4: Research Results Respondents’ involvement and their feedback is recorded in this chapter that can help the researcher in better understanding of the research topic.

Chapter 5: Analysis and Discussion According to the collected data and information, the researcher interprets the data that helps in extraction of the result and helps in reviewing the research topic.

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations The final and concluding chapter throws light on the overall topic and finally gives an overall conclusion to the study of performance management system and its application in organisation, Subway.

1.9 Summary:

This chapter tried to display the role of performance appraisal techniques when implied in an organisation. If the performance and the management of the performance goes on the right track then the organizational performance increases. Listing of research objectives and questions, as per research aim has helped the researcher in understanding of the focus areas and will help in detailing these mentioned areas as well. In the following chapter, literature review, the related theories and concepts will further throw more light of the chosen topic.

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