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Human Resource is basically people who handle other people. Human resource department of an organization manages the employees. Their recruitment, their issues with other employees and their compensation are few examples of what human resource people do.Part-2 HR Assignment Help

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History of Human Resources – The sphere of human resource management function has gained its origin from England. This is due to the fact that, this place houses leather workers, crafts-people, masons and carpenters. They have a record of organizing themselves into guilds. When they used to work in groups towards a common objective, i.e. attain “improved work conditions”, the concept of human resources came into existence.

Finding and Hiring the Best “human” for the Job – This aspect of HR deals with sourcing the right talent and putting them into the right role. The candidates are assessed and if they possess the matching skill set to handle respective tasks, they are hired. HR further is responsible for promoting them to better roles. The sourcing for the role can be done from within, or from outside.

Compensation and Benefits – In every company, HR makes a table of compensation. This amount is given to the employees as a bonus or a gesture of goodwill. This compensation may even be taken from the surplus profit of that year.

Staying within Compliance & Creating a Safe Workplace – Every employer is supposed to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment to keep the staff excited and content with their work. Companies either have a safety and health management system, or follows a certain safety program to sustain as well as improve the work environment and prevent illnesses at the workplace.

Training, Employee Recognition and Discipline – It is important for a company to emphasize on training its employees and make them aware about the company’s policies and procedures. This helps to eliminate the difference between desired and actual performance. They are also given information about disciplinary actions. Recognition are great motivators to spur the employees to work harder.

A few of the topics are not mentioned here, but will be written in detail in our hr assignment help.

Human Resource Management – This subject introduces personnel to their roles and functions in an organization. They are encouraged to contribute and uplift the overall organizational performance by employing their skills to their jobs. Thus, improving the status of the organization in the market.

Human Resource Development – It takes into account the economic, environmental, and social development of employees. This aspect is reviewed as a vital component that is required to attain higher sustainable development goals, all encompassing the Millennium Development Goals. It envelopes every expanding opportunity that can be given to people, especially to the vulnerable groups and individuals who are deprived in society.

Human Resource Planning – It is regarded as a process which is directed towards identifying existing as well as future human needs, in order to attain the organizational goals. Such area of planning acts as a link between human resources management as well as the complete strategic plan on which an organization runs.

HR Alignment with Strategy – This branch of study deals with the idea that every successful business follows a strategic vision and has a knack for implementing the same. It teaches human resource management (HRM) the ways in which it can be aligned to other organizational functions. It bridges the gap between the current position and the aspiring position of any company.

Motivational Strategies – For every business to do well it has to be backed by some sort of inspiration to come up with new ideas. Motivational strategies encourage the employees to take up challenges more willingly and see through ideas that reach success. It makes inspiration turn into reality.

Internship Assignment – To specialize in any domain, it is important for the beginners to undergo internship programs. This leads to a gleaming opportunity to achieve practical experience in the domain of HR. Students who undertake this program come equipped to face as well as survive the challenging enterprising dimensions.

Organizational Development – It is regarded as a field which demonstrates varied interventions related to human systems that are divided into formal and informal groups, communities, societies, etc. For any employee to grow professionally and increase their effectiveness in varied disciplines, they are made conscious about values guiding their practice.

Gender and Organizational Change – This relates to the study of policies and practices which are set in place to get utilized and developed by the human resources both male and females to attain higher efficiency. They work on rendering optimal output for the organization by working in line with the company’s strategy.

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