Organization Behavior Assignment part 2

Organization Behavior Assignment part 2

The models such as Custodial model, autocratic model, supportive model, system model, etc (, 2013).are been implemented while considering the performances and making the plans over the operations of the organization.With the help of understanding the organizational behaviours, the management of the organization could study the perspectives of the individual and bring the changes accordingly. This initiative would make the employees work more interestingly and dedicatedly towards the Hotel.In addition to this there are various approaches which could help the organization in making its performances more effective and efficient. The approaches such as contingency approach, system approach, result oriented approach and human resources approach which enables the management in judging an individual and making the plan accordingly (Chou, 2014). The organisational behaviour mainly includes elements like structure, people, environment and technology over its functionalities which combined makes the organisation acquire the desired outputs and reach to the level of performances and profitability.It is a challenging task to lead the entire organization and bringing it to the heights of the success.Leadership acquires immense factors which could sometimes affect the leader or assist him in developing it skills as well. The changes in the Hotel Hilton have aroused a large number ofdemands over the leader in order to meet the objectives effectively which directly leads to a burden over the leader itself.Self insight is been concerned with the awareness one should have about how to think, feel and respond towards the action to the environment (, 2013). This also includes the recognition of the critical situations which could hamper the strong emotional reactions as well.The Reflexivity in leadership means the increment in the awareness of the values of self which helps in developing a self motivational factor.

The reflexivity leadership makes a leader capable of making balance between the power and the information which keeps on changing periodically in the organization. The reflexive leadership includes various elements whichbuild up the leader to perform effectively such as creativity, accountability, knowledge, vision, awareness, etc. These elements enable the leader in developing its leadership tactics and executing the best suitable efforts (Clay-Williams and Braithwaite, 2015). However, the analytical Essay skills for a leader help in making more critical judgments and getting the best solution to the issues.Analytical skills includes, the skills of solving problems effectively, managing the people, evaluating the seriousness of any consequences, forecasting the consequences in more critical aspects, etc. These skills assist in developing one’s own leadership and the managerial aspects overall.


With the above essay it had been concluded that organizational behavior and leadership are the interlinked concept which moves towards the accomplishment of the desired outputs and performance levels out of their efforts. Along with this it has also been identified that Leadership is an ability of carrying out several activities in accurate manners and getting it done from other as well. The leaders are liable to guide and monitor the subordinates as per the activity to be performed. It has also been concluded that effective leadership in an organisation could make any of the organisation towards the achievements of its productivity and success.


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