This is a solution of Organization Behavior Assignment part 1 in which we discuss Organization Behavior .



Organization Behavior Assignment part 1

The present essay is been carried out with the intention to understand the basics of leadership and the concepts related to it. In the broader sense, leadership is been considered as skills or technique being adopted by the leaders to make a lead over the subordinates and instruct them effectively. The essay would be evaluating different theories and principles of leadership. It would also help in analysing the role of leaders in managing the change in an organisation having ethical considerations. Furthermore, the essay would also help in identifying the analytical skills which supports the leaders in enhancing the leadership and developing the managerial skills. With this the essay would be analysing the functionalities of Hotel Hilton.


Leadership is an art of carrying out several activities in accurate manners and getting it done from other as well. The leaders are liable to guide and monitor the subordinates as per the activity to be performed. There are various types of different theories and concepts being framed for the leadership. The theories of leadership include transformation leadership, transactional leadership theory, charismatic leadership theory, contingency theory, Organization behavior theory, trait theory, etc (Daft, 2014). The leadership theories are been utilised by the leaders in attaining a distinction in the activities and leading the people as per the needs. With respect to leadership in Hotel Hilton, the democratic or the participative leadership is been followed.

The participative or the democratic leadership style helps a leader in making appropriate decisions having adequate involvement of the employees as well. The process of decision making in democratic style is been carried out by involving all the team members or the employees so that to make them realise their roles and responsibilities towards the organisation and would be more keen to serve the Hotel with best efforts. The style supports the organisation by making the employees engaged in the plans and the strategies and thus would work with more efficiency and effectiveness in the Hotel.The style also assists the leaders of Hotel Hilton in motivating the employees and bringing creativity and trust in their minds byproviding them opportunities of keeping their views in the organisational strategies and plans (, 2013). The staff members are been provided with adequate knowledge in overcoming with the issues or any kind of crucial situations being faced in the organisation.There are various factors that lay down an impact on the effectiveness of leadership like culture, gender, organisational structure and even the environment. There large number of employee from diverse culture and environment and thus needs to be handled accordingly. It is very important for the leader to understand the culture and the adaptability of an individual and then have to lead them as per their capabilities. Gender is another factor which impact the effectiveness of leadership like the leader needs to be specific and flexible enough with the gender differences (Dubrin, 2015). For instance, the female staff member has to be instructed in different way as compared to the male employee.The organisational environment must also be favourable and suitable to work efficiently and the employees must be provided with the adequate work culture at the workplace. The employee would not respect their leader until and unless the leader is able to combine them and make them satisfied with their jobs and responsibilities as well. The effectiveness of leadership is been developed with the employees contribution only. It is very important to consider these factors while making any of the strategies and plans in the organisation (Hall, 2013). The cultural diversities also makes the people adapt and respond in different ways as it depends entirely on the leader as how the cultural environment of the organisation is been maintained and been provided to the employees. The employee must have a feeling of belongingness among each other so that they would come up together to meet the desired outcomes over the plans.Managing a change in the organization is a crucial task and had to be focused with an effective leadership tactic as well. Along with the effectiveness in the leadership it is also required to attain ethical consideration in leading them. The leaders are required to have adequate knowledge of ethics in leadership and must be followed while leading the subordinates and making them work effectively. Managing a change with ethical leadership by a leader plays a vital role in an organization and builds a distinct image over its entire functionalities. The ethical concepts support Hotel Hilton for making several working methods and business strategies by going beyond the conventional ways (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). Considering ethics in change management attain significance in enhancing the communicational gaps, improving inter personal relationships, motivates the people in developing a team spirit, etc. The ethical factors make a leader to inform the employees about the execution of the change and making them prepared to accept the changes accordingly. For example, if the leader is ethical he would share each and every aspect of the change with the employee and would not mislead them with any hidden information behind it. Ethics enables an individual in making fair practices in a right way and do not conduct any of the activity having wrong intentions and make the other people also do the same like with respect to the Hotel management; the people could carry out with the unfair means like hiding cameras in the rooms, etc (Spector, 2014). The leader must be much efficient and strict towards the ethical issues and must lead the other employees also. Organizational behaviorist Hotel Hilton is been maintained accordingly but at the time of brining change over its operation it needs to be evaluated and organized by the leader. It is very much important that the management people implementing the change must concentrate on the theories or the concepts of the organization behaviour which involves the human behaviours and the organizational constraints as well. There are several models with respect to the organizational behaviourin the organization and its performances.

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