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The interviewee is currently an Assistant Vice President (South) in a multinational pharmacy giant.

Table of scores:

   Strategic FormulatorStrategic Implementor
QuestionMy answersManager’s answersMy answersManager’s answersMy answersManager’s answers
1ba1  1
2bb  11
3aa  11
4ab1  1
5aa  11
6bb  11
7ab 11 
8ba 11 



The manager in our case is currently an Assistant Vice President in a multinational pharmacy giant. As the AVP, the manager looks after the complete sales for the south zone. The manager also looks after the marketing strategies for the south zone and the ways to better promote the e to of maintaining high levels of documentation with processes being in place to archive the old documents and maintaining the versions properly.  With regards to the way that the manager approached a certain project or task, the manager believed in identifying clear cut goals for the project. This helped him in identifying the requirements and helped him plan accordingly. The manager also has the habit of working with respect to timelines and keeping a tab on the high level milestones and the times within which they have to be delivered. This break up of task in small timelines helps him in controlling the project better. The manager also showed signs that the thought process that he employed were more of going from a point to the next logical point without skipping the steps. He was more of a guy who would find the logical causes to problems by going one step deeper by asking questions which logically follow each other. The manager certainly does not follow the grasshopper style of analysis. The manager takes care to arrange things in an orderly fashion and this was evident even in his personal settings where in every item was neatly placed in a space assigned to it specifically and nothing was looking out of place. The manager is more of a solution seeker who looks at problems in solution seeking ways and tries to overcome them in order to get at the solution (Freeman,2010). The manager cited a few examples where he faced problems to reach solutions but he found his around them and finally arrived at the necessary solutions which were the goals of the process and the project. He follows this as an everyday behavior and approach and not as one of case. With respect to strategy implementation, the manager believed that he wanted to implement the ideas better with complete thoroughness and was more of an implementer than an inventor with regards to the solutions for the project or the problems. The manager explained that he was more into hands on implementation of things when it came to putting down solutions but he also liked and did plan for the future with the aim of fulfilling it by working systematically towards it. He has set some goals professionally and personally which he works hard to achieve every day. He also emphasized that over the years he has changed from a complete implementer to a hybrid of a person who ideates and helps in building new solutions and building new ideas into the team. But, given his past experience in implementing solutions, he also excels at putting the ideas and solutions into actions and likes to make things work properly.

As we can see from the scores for the manager, he seems to be more of a strategic implementer than a strategic formulator. The scores for the strategic implementer are three time that of the strategic formulator. What this essentially means is that the manager is more tuned towards executing the strategies than towards formulating new ones. The manager is more of an operations person than a solution designer. The manager currently is positioned as an AVP with the recent role promotion happening about 6 months back. Before this role, he was purely involved in execution of strategies with little or no exposure to creating strategies himself. After working in the previous role for four years, the new role has come with its own added responsibilities. The role above, which is the VP, is purely concerned with the formulation of strategies. They are more concerned with where the company is heading and how to bring the company about to achieve the goals and vision that they have set for the company. With the AVP, which is the manager’s position, the responsibilities are dual in nature. The manager has to attend strategy sessions with his seniors wherein he is expected to pitch in with ideas for the company after evaluation of the current status of the company financials and sales figures. In here, the manager has to formulate the strategies but he is not solely responsible for this activity (Hitt, Ireland& Hoskisson, 2011). The Vice presidents do the primary formulation with the associate vice president performing more of an observatory role which is aimed at getting the associate vice president tuned to the nature of the formulation and how it works. Post this role, the associate vice president is also expected to single handedly transforms the strategies being formulated and gets them implemented by the sub ordinates. This particular requirement calls into action the prior skill and experience of the manager with respect to delivering the solutions which have already been formulated. The manager is now more exposed to the strategy from day one and finally is also responsible for translating them into effective solutions on the ground (Raes et al, 2011). The sub ordinate like area sales managers and territory managers expect the AVP to help them plan out solutions which will effectively achieve the strategy and the solution being formulated by the vice president. Hence, currently the manager performs a dual role where in the strategy implementer is being used more but the strategy formulator is just being developed as and when the time progresses. The current strengths and responses are manager are in perfect tune with the above requirements and the expectation from him in the organization. The manager is expected to learn the ropes with respect to formulation where he is the junior most at the table and discussion. But when the same strategy is to be implanted, he becomes the senior most who calls all the shots in execution. The ability of the manager to work methodically and have a logical thought process to the entire execution will be best utilized when he starts executing the strategies for the organization. The manager would over time become more conversant with the formulation of strategy which would change the answers that he gives to the questionnaire. This would come from experience in strategy and the way they are formulated. This would give the manager a newer perspective on what kind of mindset is required to formulate better and how he should change his perspective about the formulation. The more experience and responsibilities that the manager takes, the more he would be molded into the role of a strategic formulation role which would suit him better. Currently, the manager does not look fully ready to take over the complete responsibility for ideating and formulating strategies for the company. He is currently in a transformational change role wherein he is between roles professionally. The company should look at developing the manager into a formulator by helping him understand the environment better by having him undergo some strategy management courses which will help him change his perspective. The manager would gain very well from such a course which will add value to him based on his prior expertise and enable him to grow gradually into the formulation role with success. This would also benefit the company a whole lot and they would have a resource who would be an expert in formulation as well as execution thus giving the strategies a better rate of success overall.


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