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Game Programming is the process of software development for the development of games. It requires significant skills of programming and software engineering. Only the knowledge of software engineering is not enough to develop a engaging games. One must have other skills of graphics designing, physics, artificial intelligence among others. A game program can be written on many languages platforms, this is decided after the designing process ends. C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Python, Assembly are some of the languages that are used to write game programs.

Game Development Phases

Game development has to undergo various phases. We will discuss them briefly.


The ideas and features related to the game design are specified in the form of prototypes. It is usually done before the final documentation of the design.

Game Design

It all starts with rough ideas of the designing of the game. Nothing is fixed here, various plans are made, few of which are taken into consideration and some are discarded. Anyone from the organization can suggest ideas. It’s not like that only the game programmer will design. In fact, it doesn’t come under the programmer’s job.


It is the process of creating the game which has only been on the papers or documents till now. The source code is generated by the game programmers at this stage.


The Quality Assurance team tests the game for any kind of limitations or the needed corrections. The programmer has to then fix and rectify all the errors identified by the game testers.


The game is polished at this phase and readied for the launch in the market.


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After launching the game in the market, the manufacturers of the game collect feedback from its users. Based on the feedback of the users, appropriate bugs fixings and other developments are made time to time.

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