Operations Managements
Operations Managements      The Consultants and advisers operations include the general management, marketing and finance. The other elements of the business management are quality assurance, customer management and project management, as each of the operations of the business along with the human resource management are discussed in the current section.

The management of the business will be conducted in the following interlinked departments:

  1. Finance and audit
  2. Marketing and promotion
  3. Human resource management
  4. Project management
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Service- training and development
  7. Customer service

All these functions and operations will be conducted with respect to the code of conduct provided above and the local environmental, social, and legal laws in the local market.

  1. Finance and audit

The finance department will serve in the following activities:

Project budget management

The finance department will be responsible to create a project budget related to each client request for training and development sessions. The session cost and the resource allocation will be determined in the project budget that will be created in collaboration with the project managers handling the particular project of the client.

Investment management

The finance department will also support the investment plan development and the planning of the new expansion and services to be offered to new clients. The investment plan will be developed and communicated with the business authorities and the business stakeholders (Investopedia, 2015).

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Allocation of resources

The finance department will allocate resources to the particular project and clients’ requests. The finance department will ensure the maximum limit to the project (as decided) in the terms of the project signed with the client, are not exceeded and in case such excess of the resource is allocated there need to be an assurance that the clients’ request has been modified, or new requirements of training and development have been filled with the previous ones. In any case, the finance department will release the updated finance allocation of resources to the particular project and will seek approval from the authority, business board members, and the clients before releasing any funds.

Fund Release and Pay

The funds for any of the development, improvement, or upgrading activities of the business will be released by the finance department signed under the finance head of the business in collaboration with the business board members. The pays of the employees will also be released by the finance department when received the details from the human resource division. Any other services incurred from the external parties- audit or outsourcing- will also be funded by the finance department after proper approval and confirmation.

Internal Audit

The finance department will conduct an internal audit to ensure no fraudulent activities occur during the period audit.

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Compliance with Standards

The finance department will also ensure compliance with the local standards and the financial standards when developing the financial statements or issuance of financial information (Australian Accounting Standards Board, 2015).

  1. Marketing and promotion

Business – to – Business

The marketing department will conduct marketing based on a B-2-B relationship. The B-2-B will be designed according to the market standards and will follow the code of conduct to provide the clients with true, complete, and proper information related to the business and its services.

Client Search

The marketing department will conduct a market search from the client retention. The client retention will be done according to the code of conduct and the laws of the local market.

Marketing Tools

Various marketing tools will be used to market the business and its operations along with the high standards services. The use of social media and other marketing media will be considered while the development of marketing content will also follow the code of conduct and the local market requirements- keeping in mind the social and economical values of geographically different client markets.

Market Analysis

The marketing department will also conduct market analysis to ensure the business position in the market and benchmark the highest standards exercised in the market and the capacity and performance of the operation of the top-ranked companies.

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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing will be conducted by the department by connecting with the potential clients directly and communicating the offers and services of the business along with the assurance of registration of the business, authenticated business operations, and the code of conduct.

  1. Human resource management

The human resource department will be responsible for the recruitment and selection of qualified and high standard professionals and experts from the market. The department will ensure the right resources are acquired from the market at the right market rate to maintain the workforce with the highest retention.

Development of HR

The business HR will also be developed and trained according to the environment and business requirements of the consultancy services.

Compensations and benefits

The compensation and benefits related to each employee will be calculated and sent to the finance department for approval and release of funds. The HR department will ensure the gradual improvement in the compensation and salaries of the employees with respect to their performance scale and promotions.

Reward management and career growth/promotions

The HR department will also keep track of the business employee’s development and career growth prospects according to the need of new changes in the market. New clients range is served, as new markets are created or entertained. The reward management will also be done by the department to recognize the highest performance in the business and motivate employees to aim for higher standards in performance and service management.

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  1. Project management

The project management department will make sure each project from each client is treated according to the code of conduct. There are no projects accepted that are not possible or are not included within the perspective of the services provided by the business. The project managers will create the plan and reports for each of the projects they will manage and will keep an active connection with the clients until the project is finished. The feedback will also be collected by the project managers, as they will be ranked by the clients in terms of service delivery and performance (Haughey, 2012).

  1. Quality assurance

The quality assurance department will ensure the services, department functions, the service provided, and the client management are all done according to the code of conduct and the business is targeting the highest standards keeping its business functions aligned with the market laws and rules. The quality assurance department will ensure that each business service is of the best quality to maintain its competitiveness. In case there is a window of improvement the department will develop an improvement and change management plan to implement in the particular areas in the business (Linton, 2015).

  1. Service: Training and development

The service department will be responsible for the development of the services and the maintenance of quality and standards when creating these services. The training and development section of the department will collect the training material and will develop high standards training for the clients according to their requirements. The service department will create the proposals after the client request is entertained and the further process will include the material development for training, session requirements, and the finalization of the financial resources to be allocated that will be verified by the business authority and approved by the client.

Following are the types of pieces of training and development services (initially) that will be provided by the business to the clients:

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  1. Customer service

The first training type is customer service to help clients develop customer service department and develop the representatives in the customer service sections according to the national and international rules and requirements.

  1. Sales

The next training type is related to sales, as identified by the clients that the elements affecting the sales will be removed and the sales will hence improve the services of the client’s business.

  1. Performance improvement

Any client requirement regarding the particular area of performance improvement will be provided with effective training and the identification of issues that are causing the problems and lack of performance.

  1. Communication skills

A set of soft skills will be provided to the client’s employee and particular functions according to the need of the clients.

  1. Management skills

Any pieces of training identified by the consultant and advisors in the services regarding management skills, reporting, and analytical skills will be served by the business providing the client with the highest standard training materials.

  1. Training needs analysis

The consultant and advisers will provide the clients with TNA that will help identify the need for new pieces of training to the employee and will help the clients allocate the right resources for the right pieces of training types and invest in the most promising training sessions.

  1. HR information system

The training regarding the HRIS will also be provided that will cover the HR perspective of the client organization and its connectivity with the IS and database management. The business will assure its clients to have improved business outcomes and performance by the end of training on Human Resource.

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Process and Outcomes of Training

The effect of all the training and services provided by the consultants and advisers will be calculated. The before and after analysis will provide improvement of the performance and this will require longer than few days as the assessment of the performance will be conducted in a particular period of time. The training material and the identification of the issues and the possible incomes will be communicated with the client to assure the client is prepared for the training session and agrees with the issues identified that need removal in order to attain high performance. The methods and reprocess of the issues and their effect on the performed will also be communicated with the client to help them understand how the improvement will take place.

Report Development for Clients

The proper report will be generated and provided by the consultants and advisors to their clients that will include the entire project detail, the working of the business on client’s requests, the process of training development, training execution, feedback summary, and the outcomes identified by the consultant and advisers after training.

  1. Customer service

The customer service operation section will include the facility of client management and customer service for filing of complaints that will be treated and handled according to the code of conduct of the business. The feedback will be collected by the clients, other organizations, and related service providers. The projects will be followed up by the customer service center to ensure the business is active in particular projects and is in line with a client’s needs and requirements.

The customer services will act as the first contact point hence the responsibility of this section is of the highest importance. The highest standards should be followed in the section to make sure the most accurate services are provided to each client and business partner. The service will be available 24 hours during the working days making it easier for the clients and potential customers to contact and file their requests. The clients will be able to file their requests with the customer service dependent using the online resources and guidance of the customer service provider that will immediately be communicated to the project management wing and from there the project manager will take up the project and will contact the client directly from further process and visit.

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Value creation from a global context

As the business aims to capture the international client market, the operations and the business functions will be maintained at its high standards, and compliance with the business code of conduct will be ensured.

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