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Brief Overview of Operating System

Operating system is one of the main subjects for students who are looking for degree in computer engineering or IT sectors. It is important for them to understand the proper functioning of different operating systems so that in the future they can use this knowledge to develop amazing software for various types of operating systems available in the market. Due to being a core and having a huge study, assignment on the operating system is quite complex because the question of assignment and the subject of assignment can not be as easy as people can feel. Below we have highlighted some of the basic concepts of the operating system on which most of the support for operating system assignments is based:

  1. Definition: Operating system is a gateway between hardware and software that makes the work of a machine or device possible. Without the operating system, users and systems will not be able to communicate. Besides, the work of the device will be almost impossible. Environment takes input and provides output to the user. Linux, Windows, Android and iOS are the most widely used computers and mobile operating systems these days.
  2. The concept of the process: There are various components of the operating system that work in the operating system, possibly acting like a process and thread. The main element is the process that is the running form of the program or the batch file that is running for the current input. The execution program turns into a process that can be a single-thread process or multi-thread process. Works with states like start, prepare, run, wait and finish. This is the basic unit of any operating system.
  3. Essential services of the operating system: Various services provided by the operating system provide user-level protection in the form of program execution, I / O operations, file system manipulation, communication, error detection, resource allocation and access rights and other important security measures.
  4. Properties of the operating systems: The working of the operating system is based on different set of features such as:
    • Batch processing which divides the jobs in the form of batch process for execution.
    • Multitasking in which the user can perform more than one task to the device by changing the state of the process from ready till exit.
    • Multiprogramming is another property in which more than one program can be executed by the user at the same time. It makes the work of multi-tasking possible.
    • Interactivity, real time executing, spooling and distributed OS are some other properties of the different operating systems.
  5. The function of operating system: Many features have been done by the system’s OS, because it is an OS that acts as the heart of the device. Some of the important functions of the operating system are to coordinate between memory management, processor management, device management, file management, security, system performance control, job accounting, error detection and resolution and user and software.
  6. Types of operating systems: There has been a gradual development in the functioning of the operating system, and hence these days there are many operating systems available in the market. Batch operating systems, time-sharing operating systems, distributed operating systems, network operating systems, and real-time operating systems have different operating systems with applications in different areas.

Based on this essential knowledge, working with the type of operating system and operating system, different assignments and project work are given to students so that they can understand the work of the OS. The work of Linux Case Studies and Mobile OS is the two most popular assignments these days. However, distributed OS and Real Time OS are also used as assignment topics. Therefore, there is no need for complete core knowledge of the OS to help the assignment of OS, but knowledge of the new progress being made in the OS is also necessary.

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Application of operating systemAsynchronous concurrent processes
Communication and SynchronizationConcurrency and Synchronization
Concurrent programmingCPU scheduling
Distributed CoordinationDistributed File System
Distributed Operating SystemEmbedded
Fault toleranceInput / Output Management
Interprocess CommunicationLinux
Main MemoryMemory Management
Microsoft Windows, GUI, MacMPI Programming
Multi-user Operating systemMultiprocessor System
Multiprogramming Batch SystemMultitasking Operating System
MultithreadingNetwork Stack implementations
NetworkingOperating Systems Structure
OS extension techniquesPage replacement Algorithms
Race detectionReal-Time Operating system
Scheduling AlgorithmsSimple Batch System
System structuresUNIX
Virtual memory, paging, segmentation

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