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Assignment Brief

Zeus private limited is a Small Medium Enterprise which is renounced for importing a very rare “Power™” branded nutrition supplements for patients who are suffering from Diabetes in Sri Lanka.

They are the sole agents in Sri Lanka for those Power branded items and their office and warehouse is located in Colombo-3. When a patient requires any of the power brand products, the normal practice of the hospitals would be to call Zeus Pvt. Ltd manually and to place an order with the product name, quantity and to request the unit price in a manner of quotation. Then the hospital will send the purchase order (PO) for the needed products to Zeus Pvt. Ltd through fax.  These POs then collected by the sales officers and then they will prepare the invoice using their simple computerized system and send it to the warehouse “store issue officer(SIO)” for the relevant product issues.

An officer from the procurement branch of the hospital must always come and collect the relevant product issue from the counter of the Zeus warehouse manually.

The task of the issue officer is to collect all the purchase invoices and feed its’ data to the product inventory registry and this will contains product code, product name, quantity of purchase, quantity of the current product inventory and after delivering relevant invoice products the balance quantity remains.

At the end of the day he must calculate the available product units in his product inventory and conclude the number of units in the warehouse for the day. Whenever the stock is about to finish, Zeus Pvt. Ltd has marked a reorder level for each product. However, the issue officer must be aware of the reorder level it is his responsibility to always prepare a purchase order to import the relevant fore casted demand of the product Units and to make necessary arrangements to import them.

The higher management of Zeus, now wants to fully automate the order processing and store management tasks by implementing a system which is having access to the external customers (i.e. hospitals) to place orders and the Zeus staff to manage and process those orders more efficiently and effectively.

Assuming that you are the web developer hired by the Zeus (Pvt.) Ltd, propose, and engineer a complete application for the scenario given above.


  1. Critically evaluate the functions and advantages of web applications, and explain the functions and advantages of your proposed system.(LO 1.1)
  2. Critically compare different types of server-side and client-side scripting languages (LO 1.2).and justify the client and server site scripting languages you have chosen to implement your System (M1.1).
  3. Considering your solution, examine web security concerns and make recommendations for security improvements. (LO 1.3)(M2.3).

Consider Followings:

  1. user accounts, account restrictions, procedures for granting and revoking access, terms of use, system monitoring, prevention techniques from hacking, viruses, and date theft
  1. Design a suitable web application solution for Zeus, and your design must consider following. (LO 2.1)
  • Authentication levels.
  • Functionalities allowed for different users (for Users and Clients)
  • Development Timescale
  • Visibility on search engines
  • Cost, benefit analysis
  • Features of a range of commercial web authoring tools and web stack and suitability of a your selection
  • Well captioned layout designs and color schemes
  • Flow of transaction
  1. Briefly synthesize client and the server-side functionalities of your proposed design.(LO 2.2)
  2. Provide a well normalized database design for the web application. (LO 2.3)
  3. Select a similar web site to your selection and provide a detailed report on difference between those systems with your one considering the design aspects. You are encouraged mainly to focus on UI, navigation scheme, color schemes, features, validation & feedback etc. (LO 2.4)
  4. Implement the solution using PHP. Screen shots of important code lines must be attached to the documentation with comments.(LO 3.1)(D3.4)
  5. Provide the screen shots of your database tables and relationships including populated table data. (LO 3.2)
  6. Carefully investigate the syntax and semantic errors that might occur during implementation of the given web application and use appropriate techniques to handle them. (LO 3.3)
  7. Prepare a test plan and test your system according to the test plan. (LO 4.1)
  8. Analyse actual test results against expected results and identify inconsistencies. (LO 4.2)
  9. Get a feedback of the system (use surveys, questioners, interviews or any other feedback collecting method) and suggest recommendations and improvements that could be done to the system. (LO 4.3)(D1.4)
  10. Prepare a user manual and technical documentation for the support and maintenance of the developed software. (LO 4.4) Order Now

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