Objective-C Assignment help

Objective-C Assignment help

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Objective C is a object oriented programming language that has dynamic run time capabilities. It is the super set of C languages and inherits most of its features from the C language. Its data types, syntax and flow control statements all are inherited from the C language and added functionality such as classes and objects to make it Objective C. It provides all the features of object oriented programming. It is used for building apps for OS X and i OS. It supports object graph management, dynamic binding and dynamic typing too. It is the programming language used by apple for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. It is used by apple to create i pad, Mac and i phone apps .It is a versatile and flexible language as it provides flexibility to add interfaces at run time and to add handlers by the user. It is very easy to learn Objective C as compared to C++.Object C is so popular due to its usage in apple applications. Its popularity can be measured as it is used by NeXT and NeXTSTEP operating system. Objective C supports most of the features of object oriented language such as classes and objects, dynamic binding, for introspection and dynamic message sending.

Objective C homework help topics include:

  • Getting an Object Data Structure ,Type Encoding ,The Run-Time System ,Allocation and Initialization ,Allocating Memory for Objects
  • Initializing New Objects ,Combining Allocation and Initialization ,Deallocation ,Forwarding ,Forwarding and Multiple Inheritance
  • Builtin Classes ,The `Object’ Class ,Creating, Copying and Freeing ,Identifying the Class ,Identifying and Comparing the Instance

Generally topics like Formal Protocols ,Remote Messaging ,Distributed Objects ,Language Support ,Static Options ,Static Typing ,Getting a Method Address are considered very complex & an expert help is required in order to solve the assignments based on topics like Preprocessor Directives ,Compiler Directives ,Classes ,Categories ,Formal Protocols ,Method Declarations .

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Help for complex topics like:

  • ID ,Dynamic Typing ,Messages ,The Receiver’s Instance Variables ,Poly morphism ,Dynamic Binding ,Classes ,Inheritance
  • Class Types ,Class Objects ,Class Names in Source Code ,Defining a Class ,The Interface ,The Implementation ,How Messaging Works
  • Selectors ,Hidden Arguments ,Messages to self and super ,Objective-C Extensions ,Categories ,Adding to a Class

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Topics like How Categories are Used ,Categories of the Root Class ,Protocols ,How Protocols are Used ,Informal Protocols & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex problems.

Objective-C Language topics:
The Objective-C Language Objects
Surrogate Objects ,Making Forwarding Transparent ,Dynamic Loading ,Objective-C Language Summary ,Messages ,Defined Types
Method Implementations ,Naming Conventions
 Introduction to Objective-C Language
Objects, Messages and Classes
Objects Encapsulate Data and Operations
Messages Request Operations
Classes Define Objects
Inheritance of Sub classes
Programming Techniques and Conventions
Abstract Super classes
Returning `self’
Advanced Features
Run time Message Variation
Forwarding a Message
Adding Methods to a Class
Posing as a Super class
Defining a Message Protocol
Class Initialization
Encoding Types
Obtaining the Structure of an Object
Archiving Objects to a Stream
Announcing Errors
The `Protocol’ Class

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