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Numerous centuries before Christopher Columbus’ voyage ships arrived in the Bahamas, another community of individuals discovered America: the nomadic people of current Native Americans who trekked from Asia to what is presently Alaska more than 12,000 years prior. Actually, when European travelers landed in the fifteenth century A.D, It is assessed that more than 50 million individuals were already living in America. As time passed, the migrants and their offspring travelled south and east, adapting as they moved on.

Native Americans who live within the present-day United States comprise of various, unique tribes, ethnic groups, and sovereign countries. The terms Natives are utilized to allude to them vary in tribe and generationally, with numerous aged Natives identifying themselves as simply Indians, while the young generation Natives frequently identify as Indigenous. Most of the native Indian tribes lived separately, and each tribe had its own way of life (Adams 1875-1928). When the explorers arrived in America, they found that the natives relied primarily on the nomadic way of life. Therefore, explorers introduced new breeds of animals that the native Indians did not know, this included horses, pigs and a variety of insects and birds, which were used both as food, and as transport animals for that assisted them in expanding their territories.

There many famous Native American who helped to shape the current America, for instance, one of the most renowned overland explorations that were carried out on the North American mainland could not be conceivable without the assistance of a famous Native American woman called Sacagawea. Alexie (133-136) once highlighted that amid the incredible endeavor of Lewis and Clark, she gave instrumental assistance on their excursion over the Rocky Mountains on their route to the Pacific and back. Today, she is recognized as a standout amongst the most renowned woman voyager of all ages.

Sacagawea was conceived around 1788, as the girl of the head of the Shoshone tribe that was positioned in the territory of the today’s city Salmon in Lemhi County, Idaho. At 12 years old, she was hijacked by the raiding party of the wandering Hidatsa Indians, and was transported to their town at present day North Dakota (Adams 1875-1928). There she was sold to be the wife of the French-Canadian trapper Toussaint .While being pregnant with her first youngster she and her spouse become engaged by the visiting party of the pilgrims Lewis and Clark. They headed to Sacagawea town on their excursion to the unexplored northwestern territories of the North American mainland. Their primary area of exploration was the riverbed of waterway Missouri, in the faith of discovering the watercourse from the eastern US to the Pacific. Read more : Unit 8 Legislation And Ethics In Travel And Tourism Sector

Sacagawea began this hard voyage in the spring of 1805, carrying her young kid. The Choice to bring a woman and a kid on undertaking was made by Lewis and Clark, because they realized that different Indian tribes that they will encounter along the way would not see them as risk with her in their midst. After few weeks of voyaging, their resolution paid off when they met the tribe of Shoshone Indians. Alexie (133-136) once argued that most amusing, head of that tribe was no other than Sacagawea’s truant sibling who survived the assault of the Hidatsa Indians around five years back. After purchasing horses and supplies, the group began their hard adventure over the Rocky Mountains. At that time Sacagawea’s knowledge of wild became very instrumental – she taught the team how to find consumable nourishment, where to find herbal medications, pointed the easiest courses through the harsh landscape and as the only woman in the group she was tasked with the occupation of cooking, repairing and washing garments.

After returning to Hidatsa Indians, Sacagawea, her children and her spouse Charbonneau relocated to St. Louis, where they got assistance from Captain William. Later on, Sacagawea and his husband divorced and she remarried again. Sacagawea is considered one influential Native Americans in history.

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