NIT6130 Sharing And Cloud Storage

NIT6130 Sharing And Cloud Storage

Data Collection

It is significant to design so many experiment procedures and make an analysis of the results when the experiment is completed. It is important to start with the areas when the collection of data is useful for the experiments. In the first set, multiple sources of data are found. It is easy to identify the sources which are useful for the data collection. It is helpful to identify the sources used for data collection. It is possible to select the data sources and maintain working for this project. It is possible to put all the data in the table and maintain the record. It is important to create a file and save all the data in the system with the help of files.

Data Sources

When the project begins, it is possible to make research about the problems, experiments of design and chose sources for the data collection. Mostly it is possible to choose three different categories of people. It maintains all group people like every age group people, young students and professional’s. Three different locations of work are:

  • Community Places
  • College or campus
  • Corporations

A collection of Data

A table is maintained to record the data sources and organization record so that data is collected on that location. It is possible to collect the type of data, its format and charge fee and maintain appropriate research.

Table 1: Data Collection

Data Pre-processing

Data pre-processing is a beneficial part when all the people do not participate in the survey. It is supported to participate and don’t describe the answers mentioned in the system. When the data is evaluated then analysis the raw data in the system. Keep filtering of data duplicity and check data samples and keep maintaining data records in the file. The pre-processing of the network resources is analyzing each step in the network and demonstrates the features to support system capabilities. It forms the reduction in the information and makes accessibility in the network. It is easy to work in some conditions where the use of data is easy to demonstrate. Make other transformations in the project is also achieved in maintaining the features of the system. It supports multiple forms in the peer to peer network where accessing is possible without the use of network resources. It is achieved when networking is possible for several data management factors in the system.

NIT6130 Sharing And Cloud StorageFeature Selection or dimension reduction

When the pre-processing of data is completed then the next work is to obtain the structures from the consequences and reduce the chances of selecting the random data resources. A new aspect is maintained to record the processing and reduce the selection of data and generate a new survey file.(Jamakovic, Bohnert&Karagiannis, 2013)

Experiment Designing

  • Detailed Design Steps

The current experiments of the project are based on a scenario which is helpful to purpose the scenarios. It is possible to select the services of Peer to Peer sharing of resources and maintain cloud storage which performs qualitative and quantitative approach. It is possible to collect the data and analyze the search for cloud applications and maintain services from amazon s3 and make a comparison to evaluate the approaches. It is required to add a few questions for the questionnaire which belong to the main aspects of the cloud-based approach. The online gaming platform is helpful in achieving the services from the cloud and makes the use of essential features. It is capable of maintaining the peer to peer network connection with the resources and demonstrates its use in the system. All these early demonstrations for the user is capable of the maintenance in the system.

It is possible to set some designed features which are helpful in categorizing the background details like age, gender,and education. By this, an idea is generated about the people and their performance. It is adaptable to add the dimensions and selection criteria of the system.

It is possible to use the statistics and the results. All the details are stored in the cloud and accessed with the help of the peer to peer internet connection. It is assigned to make use of services and achieve all the data in maintaining the features of the system.

  • Experiment Results

ImplementationThe above tables contain the records of survey questions and demographic information which is helpful in maintaining the survey. It is simple to design the applications by considering the background and age. It keeps adding some features to the application and chooses the information accordingly. The survey is maintained that build the capabilities to consider all the design aspects. It demonstrates the use of several platforms which maintain the capabilities of the system details and select all the data according to the resources. It is simple when the taskis delivered for extending some roles in the applications. It is capable of storing the resources according to the application survey.

  • Software and Tools

The next phase after the design and survey is implementation. It is possible to keep the survey on the main aspects of the system. It is suitable for maintaining the complete information in the table structure and keep evaluation of the data. It is possible to determine the evaluation steps in the software. It is capable to show the personal aspects of the system.

Result Estimation 

As per the network, it is possible to use the services of the cloud to store a large amount of data on it. It is useful to aware of the services of the cloud and makes a connection in the whole internet network. It is possible to share a large amount of data in the network with the need of an intermediate server. There are multiple sources which support the cloud-based services for storing and accessing the information. This estimation of the resources helps in enabling a large amount of data on the server. It is possible to perform multiple activities in the server. In relevancy with the people and easy to share the data resources some services maintain satisfaction in holding a large amount of data.  The interest is not maintained between the age group of young and old people. So, it is possible to develop an interest in one – third of the population. It is estimated to perform online gaming and use the peer to peer network in the system. It is possible to diagnose the entire relevancy in the system.

Result Summary

The survey on the current aspects of the system is categorized in accordance with the multiple sections. It is mentioned that there are many people like students, retired people and the people who are working in the organization.  It is put into a range of 18 to 45. In this, differences between the male and female sex are recognized and make available in the educational background. According to the current survey, the total of 100 in which 28% people have cloud services, 24% have used online gaming and approx. 18% people install the application and the about same ratio of percentage is demonstrated to build the service. About one-third of the people maintain satisfaction in the work. About 7% people stop using the application and 8% people are satisfied with the technique. It is possible to make updations in the current applications and demonstrate the usage of system resources. It is possible to build satisfaction for the online gaming which is maintained in the network.(Fiat, 2003)

As per the results, it is possible to design the application with new features. It is possible to give preference to the people in the design and improve the online gaming application to maintain satisfaction with the users.


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