What is the most fascinating element of medicine that connects aggression, psychology, and behaviour? The most significant of all is Neurology.

“The brain is our universe’s last and biggest biological frontier, the most sophisticated thing we have yet discovered.” “The mind boggles the mind,” James D. Watson once said.

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Brace yourselves, Neurology is coming!

Neurology is the discipline of medicine concerned with detecting and treating all abnormalities and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. As a result, a neurologist is a physician who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems. Clinical trials and research, as well as basic and translational research, are all options for neurologists.

Neurologist vs Neurosurgeon

Neurology is a non-surgical discipline, whereas neurosurgery is the surgical counterpart. Both neurologists and neurosurgeons work together to care for the nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord as well as all of the nerves that branch out into various body areas.

Neurosurgeons are skilled in trauma and the surgical treatment of degenerative conditions such as brain injuries and concussions. Neurologists, on the other hand, deal with medically managed issues like chronic headache syndromes and are far more experienced in diagnosing and managing diseases of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and various other brain conditions that cannot be treated surgically, such as dementia.

Neurological Diagnosis

Certain brain disorders are diagnosed by neurologists and referred to neurosurgeons as part of the general caseload because surgical treatments are required as part of their treatment, such as a brain tumour. Physical examination and clinical tasks are both used to diagnose a person’s illness.

Physical examination: During the diagnosis, neurologists analyse the patient’s medical history, giving particular attention to their current condition, and then the patient has a neurological examination. The patient’s sensibility, reflexes, coordination, strength, cranial nerve functioning (including the optic nerve), and mental condition are all tested during this exam.

Clinical responsibilities: Neurologists assess patients referred to them by other doctors. Clinical tasks refer to the diagnostic techniques employed by neurologists. A physical examination and additional diagnostic tests such as MRI, CAT scans, and NCSs are among them.

Overlapping Areas of Neurology

Neurology has some overlap with other specialties, which varies from country to country and geographical area to geographical area. for example Clinical neurophysiology and psychopathology.

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