Networks For Data Centers


The goal of the project is to pursue research in a specific narrow topic in trustworthy computing, learn how to write a good research proposal and improve your presentation skills.

Networks For Data CentersPlease be cognizant of the fact that this project includes more than surveying a topic. You need to propose a “semi new” concept. Do not be afraid to dare, even if the proposed concept is not new, but you defend it well and lay out a good plan, you will get the full credit. This is not a Mastersthesis proposal in which the topic has to be entirely unexplored. We will emphasize in our grading the fact that you have written the proposal well, explained your goals, the literature is surveyed well (not comprehensive but what you surveyed is done well) and the proposed concept is exposed clearly. It is highly important to correlate your works by showing concrete citations.

Any work that cogs well with the existing work will be given high value.In this document we provide a list of suggested topics as well as guidelines for the proposal writing. Please read the rest of the document carefully.

We will provide more details on Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and the presentation.

  1. Suggested Research Topics

Here is a list of suggested general topics which include applications of computer networks as well as technology developments. You are welcome to pick your own topic.

  1. Body Area Networks
  2. Fault Tolerant Wireless Networks for Mass Casualty Incident
  3. Dependable Communication in Tactical Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
  4. Vehicular Area Networks
  5. Networks for Data Centers
  6. Green (energy efficient) Networks

Please use the research database through the library. It includes a vast repository of papers with a powerful search engine. Here is a suggested list of journals and conferences for research papers.

  1. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
  2. IEEE Communications
  3. IEEE Pervasive Computing
  4. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
  5. IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing

Phase I: submit a topic that you picked including a number of sentences (up to ½ page) that describe the topic as well as a list of preliminary references (conference and journal papers, books, web sites, etc) and a detailed description of the system/application highly related to networks topic your team propose to achieve.

Phase II:

submit a preliminary report containing 6 pages that outlines your proposal along with sound background study needs to be submitted. The preliminary report should contain an abstract, specific aims, background and significance and proposed work. Moreover, each person will implement a subset of research idea from the literature and submit it. A client-server architecture is suggested but not required, please choose the proper architecture based on the idea you learned from the research paper.

Each person will have a 5-10 minutes presentation during class time. This is a final phase and person will have a 15 minutes presentation outlining the improvement from the previous presentation and a comprehensive summary of your whole work. The final report should be up to 15 pages. We will have the final project review of the working demo during the last week.

  1. Proposal Format

The proposal will follow the NIH PHS 398 guidelines and includes the following


  1. Abstract
  2. Specific Aims
  3. Background and significance
  4. Preliminary studies
  5. Research design and methods
  6. Implementation details or Test Bed
  7. Literature cited


It should contain a summary of the whole work along with general motivation. It should also briefly discuss the advantages of your system.

Phase III: One page is recommended.

  1. Specific Aims

List the broad, long-term objectives and the goal of the specific research proposed, e.g., create a novel design, solve a specific problem, challenge an existing paradigm or develop new technology.

Phase III: One page is recommended

  1. Background and Significance

Briefly sketch the background leading to this proposal, critically evaluate existing knowledge. State concisely the importance of the research described in this proposal by relating the specific aims to the broad, long-term objectives. If the aims of the application are achieved, state how scientific knowledge will be advanced.

Phase III: Three to five pages are recommended.

  1. Preliminary Studies

In this project our preliminary studies part will be minimal, unlike the “real” NIH applications (in “real: NIH applications this is the most important part that established the experience and competence of the investigator to pursue the proposed project). Describe here one or more papers that are the most similar to the proposed approach which you will provide in the next section.

Phase III: Three to five pages are recommended.

  1. Research Design and Methods

Describe the research design conceptual framework, procedures, and analyses to be used to accomplish the specific aims of the project. Include how the data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted. Describe any new methodology and its advantage over existing methodologies. Describe any novel concepts, approaches, tools, or technologies for the proposed studies. Discuss the potential difficulties and limitations of the proposed procedures and alternative approach to achieve the aims.

Phase III: Two to three pages are recommended

  1. Implementation Details or Test Bed

You should come up with a system architecture or software design. Your project needs toinclude an implementation.

Implementation guidelines are presented in the Appendix.

Phase III: Two to three pages are recommended

  1. Software Implementation Submission Instructions
  2. Notes for your system/application:
  3. You should describe your system in details, describe the information exchanged between each component, such as client and the server, describe the interfaces and components that you develop as well as the corresponding theoretical ideas implemented.
  1. Provide a description of the proposed testing plan and results. Put the testing program into your system, test your system with it and submit the output from your testing cases to prove the proposed ideas are implemented correctly.
  2. Programming Language is not limited

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