NETWORK TECHNOLOGY ASSIGNMENT HELP is based on the concept of networking technologies, which need to be implemented within a new premise of Beta communication Limited. This company works on the platform of telecommunication, which deals with telecom products for the niche market. Moreover, this assignment can help the learner to understand the standard and the models which are associated with the networking technologies. The aim of this assignment is to give a background to the basic components of the networked system through which the entire networking operations can derive. Furthermore, this company has the different building; each building has different department and every different have various requirements on the basis of the network along with the applications of the networking.

LO1: Understanding the principles of networking

Task 1

M1.A.C 1.1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems, types and topologies. Analyze and clearly identify the requirements of the systems for this network in order to convince the management of the given case study company

According to a network consultant, there are various benefits of the networking system, which can help the Beta communication Limited to fulfill the requirements of the different building of this company. Those benefits are given below:

  • File sharing: After implementation of LAN within the 1st, 2nd and 3rd building of this company, this networking system can offer a quick and easy way for sharing their large volume data or files directly. According to Varnelis (2012, p.90), has stated that as this company has three buildings, therefore, using a disk or USB from one building to another for sharing their files can consume a lot of time. Hence, Beta Communication can share their files directly from one building to another building after implementing the LAN within their office building
  • Security: As a network consultant, it can be said that security can be one of the most important aspects of having networking technologies within any building or office. The first building of this company need to have the Web server and File Transfer Protocol or FTP for storing purpose of application and data, therefore, they require a secured platform. Moreover, NI (Network Infrastructure) manager needs to do video conferencing; therefore, they have ensured the network consultant that their security management needs to be of high strength. Furthermore, both the NI manager and the Telco products manager have different directories and each of their directories will have the different password. That password can limit the authorization of the file, that is, it gives protection by limiting the access to the authorized users (Tropper, 2014, p.19).
  • Management and cost of software:  This Company can load the software on only on the file server, which can save the time as compared to install and track the files on the independent computers. According to Barnaghi et al. (2012, p.20), the frontline support requires high power workstation, whereas, the NI manager requires powerful PC for checking the status of MIS (Management Information System). Moreover, the PA and the Manager require powerful PC; therefore, upgrades can also be done in an easy method because the changes only need to be done for once on the FTP despite individual workstation.

According to Menon et al. (2012, p.75) implementation of LAN can also possess some of the constraints, which can affect the limited budget of this company; those constraints are given below;

Constraints of the proposed technology:

  • High cost for setting up this technology: This Company have limited budget for implementing this technology.
  • Privacy Violations: The LAN administrator for this company has the right for checking the personal data or files for each user of this technology (Tropper, 2014, p.19). Therefore, the front line support department, NI manager and the Telco product manager need to face this problem
  • Data security threats: Unauthorized users have the power for accessing the important files or data of this organization, as it needs to be centralized by the administrator
  • Job for LAN maintenance: For maintaining the LAN technology, this company needs to appoint a LAN administrator. It is due to the reason that, if any problem occurs due to software installation or any hardware failure, or any disturbance occurs due to cable, LAN administrator is required (Menon et al. 2012, p.75). Moreover, the budget of this company is limited.

As the 1st line support department of this company requires File transfer protocol for storing the data and application, therefore, this is highly expensive and more time to consume for maintaining the software. The user or the admin want to upload any file on the website, they need the username or password and the host address.

Advantages and disadvantages of different networking system types and technologies are:

·         Ability of sharing files even of large volumes·         High Implementation cost that limits the application in other companies
·         High level of security provided makes it safe for application purpose·         Due to violation of privacy, the software has various issues
·         The software provides easy access to the management team of the organisation·         Threat of handling data containing important information
·         Saves time and involves less effort of the team·         Need for LAN maintenance so that on ad-hoc basis, issues are sorted

M1.D1.A.C 1.2 Evaluate the impact of current technology, communication and standards for the given case study company

This company is based on the telecommunication and deals with the telecom products, therefore, the implementation of the LAN technology can highly impact the way of their working and business (Refer to Appendix 1). This network technology can help the network consultant for adding or moving workstation in an ease way, as the Front Line support belonging to the 1st building of this company need to have high work PowerStation. Furthermore, as a network consultant, it can be viewed that access to the network can be from any building or any floor of this company within any range of the access point.

Network TypesAdvantagesDisadvantages
Personal Area Network (PAN)Since it is restricted to certain devices, it enables safer transfer and storage of data. This provides safety of trade secrets for an organisation. This makes it very much lucrative and handy.·         The network is highly dependent upon connection and radio bands. Thus if there is connection problems, it leads to slow data transfer.

·         The distance for transfer is rather limited, further adding to the limitation of PAN.

Local Area Network (LAN)·         LAN network performs better than PAN networks, adding to the better customer services in the organisation

·         The easy and cheap way of communication further adds to the sharing of internet, increasing the performance of the user

·         The use of centralised data, along with resource and data sharing add to the security of data for the organisation.

·         Despite better security than PAN network, safety level is not that high, leading to chances of breach of data

·         Investment cost is high. Moreover, peer to peer cluster depends on hotspot basis where main system in the organisation has to be on for internet sharing.

Wide Area Network (WAN)·         Organisations use WAN network to enhance their IT infrastructure which in turn, provides the company with a main pool of resources for tapping for each work allocated

·         the low level of security in LAN network is overcome in this network by boosting the privacy of information and trade secrets of the company

·         It helps in cost reduction. This in turn enables the company to increase their profit outcome

·         The cost of setting up a WAN network is a major issue, since even though the network enables cost management, setup cost is high since the organisation also needs to harness data from remote areas

·         The level of security due to SSL traffic is an utmost matter of concern since, some organisations do not have trained personnel who can compress files and overcome issue of data breach

·         The use of this network type raises the issue of maintenance since it is being used on a 24×7 basis.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)·         Since a wider area is accessed lots of data can be accessed quickly, which benefits the user

·         It even enables data sharing just like in the case of LAN networking. This enables a centralised management of data and resources by the company, seeing to the management and tapping of data.

·         Since it is connected through hotspot and public networking, it is dependent on main server for its connection. Thus if not available, it can lead to problems in accessing data.

·         Data storage is an issue here. since the data stored is on a terminal basis, permission has to be given from user to again access and store data

Cloud Network·         Cloud computing enables unlimited data storage. this allows company to update as much data as possible, as well as backup and recover the data

·         This network is available at cheaper rates, making it cost effective enabling company to achieve its profit maximisation goal.

·         it enables easier and quicker accessibility of data resources

·         Technical issues such as good internet maintenance issues. such matters provide problems in logging and accessibility of data resources for the company

·         The lack of maintenance leads to security issues, which could leak out the trade secrets of the organisation, threatening its position in the market

·         since security is an issue here, the use of such network leads the network and its connected devices to be prone to attack, thus even leading to loss of data by the company

Table 1: Merits and Demerits of Network Types


The above table provides an insight into how each network type can impact the company by its advantages and disadvantages. This company can have an impact of LAN as costs savings by the multiple users of the infrastructure. Furthermore, the LAN can also affect the communication within the building of this company (Giannoulis et al. 2012, p.35). All the three buildings of Beta Communication Limited can communicate with each other by sharing the files directly. Once, the network is connected it can be possible for the network users belonging to three different building of this company for communicating with each other using the technologies as email.

This can make the transmission of this company’s business information more easy, efficient and less expensive as compared to not having LAN with their new premise. With the help of LAN, the standard of this company can ultimately be raised because; this can ensure that the hardware and the software which is being distributed among the buildings of this company can work together. According to Sydney et al. (2013, p.767), has stated that without the standard of the network, this can be difficult for developing the network for this company which can share the information. As this company has three different buildings, therefore, sharing of information needs to be of high standard.

M1.A.C.1.3 discussing how the protocols can enable the effective utilization of various networking system

Having the protocols within the LAN, it can highly affect the utilization of various networking system (Pryanichnikov and Andreev, 2012, p.2305). As the 1st building’s department, First, lien support needs to have an implementation of FTP or file transfer protocol, can help the various systems for working together. Moreover, the protocol TCP/IP that is, Transmission Control Protocol or Internet protocol, can build a set of rules within the buildings of this company. This rule is for exchanging the messages with each other at packet level on information.

IP, that uses a set of guideline for sending or receiving messages at the address level of the internet, this can be used in this company. It is due to the reason that second building of this company having the Department of ordering and delivery, they need to interact or contact the customer via the email. Moreover, the general staffs of this company need to have all the communications within their floor and that need to be secured from the eavesdropping. Furthermore, in accordance with the statement of Li et al. (2014, p.75), as the first building needs FTP, which is used for the corresponding programs, it can be done from anywhere on the Internet. Moreover, this protocol can help the network administrator of this company, who needs to have control over the overall network. This administrator can ensure their company that the software and the hardware are compatible with each other.

LO2: Understanding the components of networking

Task 2:

M2.A.C 2.1 Discussing the role of components of software and hardware for the given company case study

According to the given study, as this company has the various building and various departments, moreover, each of the building is having different requirement, therefore, the software and hardware have different roles.

Roles of components of the software are given below:

  • Client Software: With the help of client software, the ordering and delivery department of this company easily communicate with the customer via email. Moreover, this software allows this department for easily creating and reading the messages retrieved by electronic mail. This can save the time as well the costs (Gupta and Jha, 2015, p.1230).
  • Programs: Programs such as word processor, graphics program, spreadsheet or software for developing the telecom products, which this company deals with, can give an easy access to these components.
  • The logical level of the operating system:  This component can help the network administrator of this company by providing the functions of the high level such as managing the file, which all the building need to, have this access. Another suitable function of this company is managing the network facilities and the internet.
  • System utilities: System utilities include the laser printer, projector and many other types of equipment which are required for managing the software. According to Wang et al. (2013, p.530), this case study is based on Beta communication limited, where, the 3rd building has only manager and PA, which needs to have laser projector and printer.
  • Operating System at hardware level: This component of software can help this company for having control over the resources of the physical system such as managing the memory, managing the process, managing the disk drive. This is required by the NI manager and Telco products manager of Beta Communication.
  • Internet and network services: This includes Internet, FTP, TCP/IP and application serving, which can help the 1st lie support for storing the data and managing the application

The role of components of hardware:

  • Networking: Networking can connect the computers or the powerful computers of this company to the internet or with any other computers such as the modem, direct cable connections or network card (Nadeau and Gray, 2013, p.09). In this case scenario, this director of this company has been suggested for implementing the LAN within their new premise; therefore, they can have the large server for data and application and for video conferencing as well.
  • Motherboard: This can help the company for having direct communication with the various devices connected to each computer. The Network Infrastructure Manager of this company requires the powerful personal computer for checking the status of Management Information System and video conferencing as well. Therefore, in accordance with Nadeau and Gray (2013, p.12), the motherboard can have the control over the Web camera; the main purpose of this component for making sure that the information can reach its destination.
  •     Peripheral devices such as output: Output devices such as Printer and projector, as the 3rd building of Beta Communication can have access to the laser printer and laser projector. Moreover, the general staffs of the 2nd building also need to have a network printer and laser printer; therefore, both the department can print the most important data and information, which needs to be shared as hardcopy; whereas, the projector can help the company for representing the data or information in a clear manner.

M2.A.C 2.2 Discussing the types of server and the selection requirement for the given company case study

According to the given study and as per the perception of network consultant, it has been found that this company requires server such as FTP server, Web server, Database server, communications server. In addition to it, communications server, proxy server and application server are also required by this company. Glentis et al. (2014, p.3) commented that each of the servers has specific importance, which helps this company for having an effective business and services provided to their customers. Moreover, these servers can also help each of the building to have an effective communication among each other. The specific importances of each server, which can meet the selection requirement, are given below:

  • File Transfer Protocol Server: This is one of the oldest server types of server. This needs to be used in this case scenario because this server is responsible for sharing or transferring files from the server to the computer and vice versa. As the first line support needs FTP and web server, therefore, this server can ensure the department for data security and integrity while transferring the data from the server to the computer. Moreover, according to Glentis et al. (2014, p.2), have said that this server can enable the general staffs as well as another user of this company for uploading, editing or deleting files from the website using the clients of FTP
  • Web server: This server can be responsible for hosting the website files and serving it up via the web browser. In this case scenario, department of second building such as ordering and delivery requires the web server for accommodating their new websites for online order. Here, the requirement of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is there, because it can help the delivery and ordering department for communicating with the customers.
  • Communication Server: This server is required in this case because it can handle various functions of common communications for the network, which the Beta Communication Limited uses. According to Tropper (2014, p.78), have stated that those networks can be email and Internet services.
  • Database server: As this server authorizes and authenticates the computers, connected to the same network, for accessing the resources within the logical domain. Therefore, it is useful for the general staffs, Telco products manager and the NI manager.

M2.A.C 2.3 Discussing the Inter-dependence of workstation hardware with the networking components

Most of the hardware workstation hardware, which this company has asked for implementing, can affect the networking components. The workstation or diskless workstation is hungrier in nature, in respect of power. Therefore, it does not need to depend on the components of networking such as topology, server, protocol, which the company have been required to use. According to the concept of Menon et al. (2012, p.73), workstation hardware has its own operating system on the server. When the workstation requires for using the network component such as the printer, therefore, the server requires communicating with the network components (Refer to Appendix 2). It can be said like this also that the server can communicate on behalf of any workstation hardware.

This further can lead for the increment of traffic and congestion as well. Moreover, the entire computer network can use the hard disk of the server. Client hardware or workstation hardware needs to wait till the requested data is provided by the server hardware. Therefore, the bottom line has been deploying the workstation hardware or network computers within the network can increase the property of interdependence of the workstation hardware. Furthermore, according to Gupta and Jha (2015, p.1208), it is necessary for this company for installing the reliable software and hardware components on the server and can implement the backup techniques for the chosen server.

LO3: Designing the networked systems

Task 3:

M1.M3.D2.D3.A.C 3.1: Design the network system diagram using the MS-visio or any other tools of your choice for the given case study.  In the diagram you should consider current and future provisions in terms of user requirements and the network infrastructure itself

For the given case study, the computer network system needs to be implemented by considering the company’s limited budget because of the credit crunch. Therefore, as a network consultant, it has been found that various factors which are required to be considered for the implementation of a computer network system. Those factors are given below:

  • Cost and Budget: As the budget of Beta communication Limited is limited, therefore, it is required to make a list of all which needs to be procured. It gets varied according to the requirement of each building. The overall budget of implementing LAN within the office of the chosen company is 20,000 dollar. The list of the budget is given below:
List of activitiesAllocate budget ($)
Server hardware5,000 dollar
Server software2,000 dollar
Server Setup2,000 dollar
Communication Lines4,000 dollar
Backup system2,000 dollar
Security Firewall3,000 dollar
Per user for the router support110 dollar

Table 2: Cost and budget

  • Bandwidth: According to Érdi et al. (2013, p.10), has stated that for having the strong strength of the internet services, the bandwidth needs to be of good wavelength. Therefore, it can handle the traffic load and congestion. This company has three buildings and all of them need to be interconnected with strong data connectivity for having the reliable and secure connection. Moreover, this company cannot afford to bear slow internet connection, which further can hamper their speed of work. Furthermore, there are large of users in this office, such as front line support, NI manager, Telco products manager, ordering and delivery department, general staffs and PA, manager and many others as well. Most of them can use the network system at the same time, therefore, at that time; bandwidth can decide the speed of each of the system. Here, the required bandwidth needs to be of 100 MB.
  • Location: In accordance with the statement of Liu et al. (2013, p.2870), assessing the physical location of all the system and the suitable location for the router need to be very specific, as this company is having three buildings. Therefore, deciding the best-suited location for placing the router is important. The third building of this company has only one department; moreover, there is no congestion of network within that room. It is due to the reason that only the higher authority of this company has their place in that room. Hence, the best-suited location for the router can be the third building (Leung et al. 2012, p.500).
  • Security: As a network consultant, it can be stated that the most important issue, which this world of technology including the companies of telecommunication have been facing, is security. According to Leung et al. (2012, p.503), has stated that good security needs to be planned for the protection of the network system. As the Beta Communication Limited has various users along with their customers, who surfs the website of this company, therefore, having the firewall is an important aspect. Furthermore, there is the requirement of installing the antivirus in each of the systems of all the three buildings for getting protected from bugs and threats. The best-suited antivirus for this company can be Trend Micro.
  • Setting up: For setting up the network within this company is not so difficult; whereas, it only requires a crisp planning.  For designing the network, as the network consultant, things which need to be kept in mind that, the size of the network, cost and bandwidth.
  • Backup: Backup can save anyone from losing the important data and information. Therefore, it is also an important key while implementing any network within this company for protecting the data.

The computer network design is given below:

Figure 1: Network System

D1.A.C 3.2 Evaluate the design you have produced for 3.1 is validated in terms of user feedback and other key factors such as future provision and use of proposed technology.

The design of the network system has been appreciated by the manager of the chosen company, as this network system has been implemented as per their requirement and budget as well. The overall feedback for this implementation is supported by the good reviews given by the company as well as the review given by their customer. Future provision of this proposed technology can be further use of the latest or updated version of this proposed technology carrying latest tools, techniques and facilities as well (Steeples and Jones, 2012, p.19). As LAN has already enabled multiple generations having high bandwidth, low cost and standard based connectivity for this kind of business such as Beta Communication Ltd. LAN can widen the range of connectivity by taking Carrier Ethernet for future use.

LO 4: Implementing and supporting the networked system

Task 4:

M3.D2.D3.A.C 4.1 Implement a network systems based on the proposed design. You are required to use means of Simulation software, establish a network according to the design in task 3.

With the help of simulation software, designing of topology can be done. In this case study, implementation of network technology is required; therefore, CPT (Cisco Packet Tracer) can be used for performing and analyzing the different network activities. According to Liu and Zhou (2012, p.199), has stated that CPT is a multi-tasking network simulation software for the implementation of topologies (Refer to Appendix 3). For starting the communication between the devices of the end user and the devices of customers and for designing the network, the network consultant needs to select appropriate networking devices such as hubs, switches, routers and many others as well. Designing the mesh topology within the networking system of the company by using the simulation software includes configuration, which is stated below:

The configuration of the components of this technology: For configuring the IP address of this company’s interface, it is required to configure all the routers in a sequential manner (one by one). Then clicking on the router, opening a configuration window’s action takes place, filling up the IP address of the serial port, which is connected to the router, these steps are to be followed. Al-Fuqaha et al. (2015, p.2350) stated that filling the subnet mask, setting the rate of the clock and put the status of the port is ON. Then, simulating the network using the simulation is to be done.

A simulation model of the mesh technology as shown in the below figure:

A.C 4.2 Test the network systems to meet the user requirements. Your testing includes functionality of the network to ensure that your developed network will operate seamlessly in a physical environment so that it can satisfy the user requirements.

This network system can be tested on the basis of its speed and performance of this topology. Routing of this topology have needed to be tested, it is due to the reason that in routing logic, broken links can be detected easily, moreover, it avoids the nodes. Therefore, the user can change their node for communication, if that node is found to be broken. According to the given case and in accordance with the statement Malik et al. (2012, p.880), partial mesh topology is the best-suited one for this company. It is because this topology can meet the requirement of the users as some of the systems of the Beta Communication Ltd. are connected with the partial mesh topology. Moreover, as the user of this company requires reliability and security of the systems, which are connected with each other for sharing their files, therefore, each connection of this topology can carry the load of its own. Furthermore, it provides high security and privacy, which are required by the NI manager and Telco Product Manager of the 1st building along with the general staffs of 2nd building.

D3.A.C 4.3 Document and analyze test result against expected results. While carrying out task 4.2, the testing of the network has produced a number of results. List the results you have found in task 4.2 by contrasting them with your expected results

Documenting the result gives better performance and outcome as expected by the network consultant before implementing the network technologies. As it was assumed that the designing of this topology will costs high and moreover, the installation and configuration of these technologies will be time-consuming. It has been assumed so because, there are three building of this company, among which two buildings have a requirement for this implementation. According to Anderson (2016, p.18), the first line support of 1st building and general staffs and ordering and delivery department of the 2nd building require this topology for exchanging or sharing the possible shared data. Moreover, it was assumed that this topology would not give the high strength of data security and privacy, but according to the reviews of both the two buildings. It has been found that it is giving the high security to the data as well the privacy to those data.

M2.D1.A.C 4.4 Recommend potential enhancement for the networked systems. Your discussions should include how your developed network will cope with future changing needs and should address possible enhancements of your network to satisfy the needs of changing future environment.

The potential enhancement for the designed network system includes flexibility and versatility. Moreover, the dependability of this topology needs to be potentially enhanced. It is due to the reason that there is no central point of failure, that is, redundant paths between the devices, which can be used for bypassing the failed devices. Control of this topology is based on the setup, as the setup of this topology is more complex as compared to other topologies, therefore, there must be the central point. Moreover, at the central point, the network can be shut down.

D3.A.C 4.5 Design a maintenance schedule to support the network systems. Your maintenance schedule should address various factors like personnel allocation, backup and recovery policy, maintaining security & integrity; and general administration to support the users.

Maintenance Schedule for supporting the proposed network system:

ServicesMaintenance Schedule
Review system logs for the errors and the potential issuesUpdating the emergency disks of repair; typical downtime is in between Monday to Friday at 7 P.M
Review the service packs along with the installation historyUpdating the program version; same Scheduling is there
Review the system backup and the data recovery processConfirming the set of data needs to be backed up; Typical downtime is only Saturday and Sunday at 4 P.M

Table 3: System maintenance 

NetworkMaintenance schedule
Documenting the network devices such as router, hubs and switchesSoftware licensing, email services, Web services; downtime lies between Monday to Thursday at 6 P.M
Reviewing the device configurationThe typical downtime on Sunday at Sharp 10 A.M
Reviewing the Firewall configurationThe maintenance schedule for this task is on Saturday and Tuesday at 12 P.M

 Table 4: Network maintenance 

WorkstationMaintenance schedule
Reviewing the disk usage


Second and fourth Saturdays of every month between 4 P.M to 7 P.M
Reviewing the statistics of hardwareTuesdays and Wednesday between 5 pm to
Reviewing the configuration of antivirus programFriday between 3 P.M to 6 PM

 Table 5: Workstation Maintenance


After analyzing the above case scenario, it has been previewed that Beta Communication Ltd. has appointed the network consultant for implementing effective network technologies. Moreover, as this company has three buildings, therefore, installation of new network technology has been done precisely as per the requirement of various users of this company. This implementation can further help this company for having more success in the sector of telecommunication.

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