National University Of Ireland Dublin 

Bachelor of Science (HRM) 

Intake: BSC 45 E Part-time

Module:Workplace Practice

Essay Title: Assignment 1

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Submission Date:21September 15


Research Question:

To undertake an examination of high turnover rate in CPF Refund Department.

Research Objectives:

  • To identify the causes of the high level of turnover rate
  • To review the costs associated with high turnover rate
  • To identify the high turnover rate management policy in place within CPF
  • To review the turnover rate statistics available in CPF & to compare male V female, younger staff V older staff, frequency of turnover, different categories of staff etc.

National University Of Ireland Dublin This project is proposed to examine the causes of the high turnover rate in Central Provident Fund Board (CPF) Refund Department and to review on the management policy in place within CPF to determine the costs associated and what are the main issues that leads to the high turnover rate.

Statistics are retrieved and analysis to find out the pattern and further investigate to determine the main causes of the high turnover rate in the department. Surveys will be conducted to all existing employees regardless of the duration they had stayed with the Board.

The main purpose of this project is to resolve the high turnover rate and reduce to minimal to obtain high retention of staff who are capable and had been with the Board for several years. This project also draws attention to all employees that the Board are looking at this matter seriously and will handle it with priority and efficiently to avoid similar situation from happening.

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