Data Visualization Assignment 2018


You work as a report analyst for a large media organisation. The organisation wants to develop a series of stories related to immigration in Australia. They have asked your group to source and analyse related data. A variety of solutions have been designed to help users visually explore data sets and present findings.


Data Visualization AssignmentThe task in this assignment is to use an existing visualization tool (SAP Analytics Cloud) to and create a series of visualisations which tell a story about a particular aspect of immigration in Australia.

You should maintain a (digital) notebook that documents describes the process and reflections from the process you undertook. The goal of this assignment to better understand the process of using visualisations to perform exploratory and explanatory data analysis.

Please document your discovery progress (BLOG).

Starting Point




How you will be assessed:

It is about using data to tell a story and not just presenting charts. You should identify an aspect of homelessness in Australia and try and provide insight to data rather than just quantifying it.

For example

You will also create a video of your story. For example see VU Collaborate


You will present your video to a panel of judges.


10%: Data sources and preparation

40%: Description of whether / how / why / when the story evolves, along with visualisations (blog)