Motivation In Organisations Assignment


Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation in organisations in periods of change

Leadership is an act of guiding people to achieve  set goals. Leadership is a direction setter, a vision builder, a goal getter for an organisation. (Bennis,1959)

the process in which an

agent influences a subordinate

to behave in a desired manner

(Bennis, 1959)

It is a process in which an agent influences a subordinate to behave in a desired manner (Bennis,1959).

Leadership could be said to be transforming followers, creating visions of goals they may attain and articulate the ways to attain those goals (Bass 1985)

Leadership could be in a form of a community leader, Religious leader, Organisational leader and political leader.

Autocratic Leadership Style:

This type of leadership dictate and dominate its employee. This leadership gives the managers alone to make the decision in the organisation without getting any information from the other staff. Their Managers were given absolute authority over all the other employees. Any decision made is final and no staff dares challenge their authority. They have the power to fire any staff at will. Example of the company that practices this style is Apple.( Boddy D. 2005)

Laissez – Faire Leadership Style:

Laissez -Faire leadership allow staff to do what they want. This type of leadership does not supervise their employees and no feed backs should be expected from them. This type of leadership style exercises very little control or influence on their staff example of organisation that practices this is Goggle. This type of organisation employed highly skills employees that require little or no supervision when at work.( Boddy D. 2005)

Democratic Style of leadership:

This type of leadership gives an opportunity for everyone to participate in the decision- making in the organisation. Ideas are exchanged freely without any hindrance and discussion is encouraged. This type of leadership encouraged the staff to   become part of the decision making. Input from lower cadre is encouraged. The sense of responsibility is encouraged by this style in the success of the organisation. The leader could also tap the expertise of each and everyone that work for them, and skills are developed. Example of company that practices this style is John Lewis.( Boddy D. 2005)

Paternalistic Style of leadership:

This style is like a father figure to an employee. They are  concern with keeping the staff happy and motivated.

Managers pay more attention to the social aspect of the employee.

Decisions are made with the best interests of the workers at heart. This style keeps the staff in line

An example of the company that practices this type of style is Manchester United Football Club where Alex Fergusson acts like the father figure, also Allan Sugar, Virgen Airline.( Boddy D. 2005)

In Authoritarian styles of Leadership, because the authority lies in the hand of the people at the top hierarchy where quick decision can be made at once without seeking the opinion of the lower cadre, there tends to be motivation in the way the works are done,there is more efficient and productive which led to increasing in productivity due to the presence of a leader.

With  authoritarian style, staff will be dealt with if there is a failure, with this staffs are motivated to put in their best when at work.

In Authoritarian styles, staffs are eliminated in decision making and this kills the morale of staff because they are not included in the decision- making in the organisation.There is also no room to improve on interpersonal skills,no shared opinions,short time to improve on I.T all these will have negative impacts in motivating of staffs.(Brooks I 2006)

In Paternalistic, because this style believes in the need to support staff, they carried the employees along with the decision making in the organisation.Staffs are motivated by being carried along this makes the employees be loyal to their employer.Management is easily approachable and this leads to more productive in the organisation.This leadership style cause laziness,low staff motivation and there could be a problem with  employees rights and legislation which may have a bad impact on the organisation.More supervision is required because the employees depend on the employer which lead to low productivity.(Brooks I 2006)

In Laissez -Faire, Employees are flexible in the task given to them,stress is reduced because there is no tension in doing a task. Staffs are motivated and this leads to more productive in organisation.

Because employees are flexible,this may cause chaos and inefficiency will occur which will reduce the productivity and the company will be affected at the end of the day.(Brooks I 2006)

The Democratic style of leadership, staffs are involved in a decision- making in the organisation this increases the morale of the employees and motivated them.Employees feel that being part of the company they will be able to express their opinion when necessary,this gives positive impact to the organisation by increasing the productivity.There is a negative impact when trying to motivate staffs because the management will be trying to please everyone’s interest which may not lead to best decision making.Staffs also tend to undermine management’s authority which may affect the output of the organisation leading to low productivity.(Brooks I 2006)

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