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Technological advancement had provided with wide ranges of elements which had contributed in the day to day lives of the people. Mobile phones have become the major sources of communication and the sources of exchange over any of the information. Thus, the security of the mobile phones had taken a priority concerns. Mobile application security is been considered as the protection of data and information for the application of mobile individually [1]. The present report would be identifying the relevant aspects of mobile apps security briefly. It would help in elaborating a case study and its weaknesses over the area. In addition to this, the report would also assist in identifying the measures to be taken to mitigate the threats over the issues by making use of security policies and tools effectively.

Case study on Mobile apps security

The present case study is been concerned with the mobile application security assessment for a private bank. As per the case study, a private financial company which serves in three major business sectors such as retail banking services, wholesale banking services and the treasury. It has been found that the organization has been facing severe concerns of customers over their secured transactions and thus required implementing a mobile banking solution for the same [9]. With the intention to develop a mobile application for the customers and facilitates them with the easy transaction was a complex task as it raised a security concern among them [2]. The major fear among the management of the bank was to enable the clients to transact securely with the help of their mobile applications. Mobile application security is been termed as the amount of protection which the mobile device apps acquires from sever malware and the offensive acts by other immoral people. It is been also concerned with the technology and the practices which reduces the uncertainties of the exploitation to the mobile phones and their applications. The mobiles have large number of elements which could be vulnerable to the security reasons. The case study is been majorly focused to find out the issues with the security and the measures which could be adopted to mitigate from the same. The organization has thus initiated to adopt the security policies and come up with the best resolutions [3].

Security vulnerability in the case study

Mobile devices in the present days are subject to many of the security concerns and often found to be attacked through mobile applications. There are large numbers of applications being installed by the users in order to access ease over the usage. It is very crucial for the users to be well aware about downloading of the apps and grant permissions [4]. The IT experts or the developers require guiding the users to have anti malware programs in their mobile devices. The most severe security vulnerabilities being identified in the banking company are:

Lack of encryption

This is the most vulnerable aspects of the mobile devices as the application downloaded are not been encrypted and thus could lead various issues as well. This brings the customers at risk as the information is been shared at the servers or networks through internet and thus could be accessed by anyone. It has been found that mobile application developers must use an encryption framework in order to protect the data and information of the users but still it is not guaranteed.


This is another aspects being found as the major concern of vulnerability [5]. The android mobile applications have become much vulnerable due to its open format. The malicious developers of mobile application break up the malware into small parts so that to evade the detection and thus lead to such practices.

Data leaks from syncing

The applications in which the users sync the data and their information to the cloud, it is concerns over the data leakage. The drop box largely suffers the password breaches and thus many of the users are exposed for getting the accounts to be hacked. The users must be well aware about the applications and must make use of the same properly. It must be ensured that the users do not have same passwords for every app or services. The customers must be informed not to store any of the important data in the cloud services which the IT system could not be controlled [6].Order Now

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