MIS101 Business Information Systems

MIS101 Business Information SystemsCompulsory Submission Deadlines: Note this assignment requires 3 submissions and ALL must be named as your MIBT student ID or they will not be marked.

1.Generation of TURNITIN Analysis Report for Part A (Referenced

&Cited Full Draft) Due Date: Week 5 in Class Tutorial

2.Second Generation of TURNITIN Analysis Report for Part A (Final version) Due Date: Week 7 by 21st April 2015 11.55 pm

(If you submit after 21st April 2015 11.55 pm the submission will incur penalties as per the MIBT Assessment policy).

Please Note: Your Part A TURNITIN submission must be EXACTLY the same as the final Part A (joined with Part B) submitted through the Assignment Submission Link in the portal in Week 7 or it will not be marked.)

3.Submission of completed final version of assignment Due Date: Week 07 – Thursday 23rd April 2015 (11:55 pm)


100 marks (This accounts for 40% of the total assessment of this unit).

Assignment Instructions:

Download the Assignment Detail document file and the (Word) Assign Template Part A and Part B files from the MIBT portal Week 3. Save the files into your H: Drive.

For example: if your Student Number is CHXXD1402 then your file will be named accordingly as


Your assignment should follow the guidelines listed below:

The Assignment final submission must be produced using Microsoft Office Word 2010 or later version;Mac users must check their assignment file can be opened on a non‐Mac computer in the MIBT labs before submitting. If you submit a file that cannot be opened by a staff member you will receive a zero score and we will not accept another submission.

TURNITIN submissions require .PDF file formats (see Assignment submission document in week 3 of portal for instructions)

Length is not to exceed 1600 words (not including the Reference list);

Completing the ‘Assignment Plagiarism and Collusion’ quiz in week 7 of the MIBT portal and submitting your assignment in week 7 of the portal will acknowledge your agreement and undertaking that you have not copied, colluded or cheated and that your assignment is all your own work with regard to plagiarism. This will also display the final ‘Assignment Submission’ link.

All citations used should be referenced and included in a Reference List placed at the end of the assignment document using the Harvard Referencing Style (Author, Date) only. An explanation of this method and general referencing is available at: Harvard Referencing Guide in Week 3 and Week 7 of the subject in the MIBT portal (Starts at page 48).

If a source is listed in the ‘Reference List’ of your assignment submission and is used for an answer in Part A then the source must have originally been produced in English and not have required translation into English. Translated sources used in the assignment will result in a zero mark for the reference and the content included in an answer in Part A. Even if the content has been paraphrased.

The assignment consists of two parts. In Part A you are asked to answer a number of questions and you are expected to provide fully researched and referenced answers. Furthermore, you are expected to use at least ten (10) academically acceptable reference sources as a minimum to support your answers to the questions. Failure to supply any correct references as in accordance with the Harvard Referencing Guide will result in a zero mark and an Academic Misconduct report.

Part B of the assignment requires you to apply Toulmin’s Argument Model to analyse a case study to determine the validity or otherwise of the case study’s claim, again reference any additional information sources that you may use.

Assignment Completion Method:

Your assignment will involve two important phases, which will require you to:

Part A:

Answer the following questions:

Question 1: Provide a brief explanation of each of the following security terms and provide an example of each. (~250 Words)

Question 2: Briefly discuss the following, is it ethical for an employer to monitor their staff’s usage of the Internet at work? List three (3) acceptable and three (3) unacceptable activities you would include in an ‘acceptable internet usage’ policy? (~250 Words)

Question 3: List and describe the three fundamental tenets of Ethics in a business environment. Explain why ‘unethical is not necessarily illegal’ and give an example that shows this? (~250 Words)

Question 4: Informed consent is an important consideration for an organisation’s customers and their Privacy Policy. Identify and describe the two models of informed consent typically used in eCommerce and Social Networking sites privacy policies. Which is the preferred option? Justify your answer. (~250 Words)

Part B:

Use the Toulmin’s Model of Argument to analyse the supplied Assignment Case Study (see the Assignment Case Study section below) and provide your opinion on the strength or weakness of the argument with relation to the Claim that we have provided. (~ 600 words).

You MUST use these instructions to complete the ‘Your Opinion’ section of Part B:

To apply the model to test the validity/strength of a CLAIM the reader must examine each sentence in the article and categorise them as a Toulmin element or as an unnecessary extra

e.g. ‘opinion’, ‘hearsay’, ‘definitions’ etc. Once all sentences have been categorised then the elements should be examined in sequence.

1.What is the CLAIM? We have provided this for you already.

2.Is there any DATA to support the CLAIM? If so how much? The quantity and quality of DATA can suggest the strength of the CLAIM.

3.Is there a WARRANT (Explicit or Implicit)? Explicit WARRANTS are often stronger because the author can direct the reader to accept the CLAIM. Implicit WARRANTS leave the reader’s opinion open to interpretation and this may go against the author’s intended purpose.

4.Is there BACKING? If so how much? The quantity and quality of BACKING can suggest strength of the WARRANT and thus may increase the strength of the CLAIM.

5.Is there a REBUTTAL? The quantity and scope of the REBUTTAL may reduce the strength of the CLAIM and thus dissuade the reader’s acceptance of the CLAIM.

6.Is there a QUALIFIER? If so, to what extent does it reduce the scope of the CLAIM because this will impact on the strength of the CLAIM?

7.Your Opinion – this is a personal perception based on your interpretation of the article. The presence, quality and quantity of the different Toulmin elements must be applied to make this critical assessment.

Assessment and Submission Instructions:

1. Week 5 Tutorial (Compulsory) ‐Generation of TURNITIN Analysis Report for Part A (Referenced Draft)

Upload a fully referenced .PDF draft version of Part A (do not upload Part B) of your assignment through the ‘Assignment Part A TURNITIN Analysis Link’ (located in Week 7 of the portal) to generate a similarity report. This submission is not marked at this point but will show you plagiarism and collusion issues that need to be addressed before your final submission. Check the similarity index rating and address any problems identified.

a.Note: If you do not do the TURNITIN Report or if you do not address the changes required then you may receive a penalty that could result in a zero mark for your assignment and an Academic Misconduct Report on your student file.

2. Week 7 (Compulsory) ‐Generation of a 2nd TURNITIN Analysis Report for Part A (final version) Upload a fully referenced .PDF final version of Part A (do not upload Part B) of your assignment through the ‘Assignment Part A TURNITIN Analysis Link’ in Week 7 ‘Assignment Part A TURNITIN Analysis Link’ to generate the final similarity report. This report will be considered when marking your final assignment submission. Check the similarity index rating. It must be no greater than 20% after you have deducted scores related to the template similarities e.g. the name section or the questions.

e.g. if the similarity score total is 25% but the colour associated with the Assignment Template name section and included questions (usually red) is 5% or higher then your similarity score is actually 20 because 25 ‐5 = 20.

3.Week 7 (Compulsory) ‐ Final submission – (You MUST read the assignment submission document located in week 3 and 7 of the portal)

a.Unite Part A and Part B Assignment templates into one document (Do NOT put them in a folder). Make sure Part A is at the beginning of the document followed by the reference list then Part B.

b.You will need to do the ‘Assignment Plagiarism and Collusion quiz’ in week 7 for the submission link to be displayed.

c.Upload the ‘Assignment Template’ document which should now contain both Parts A and B (one

(1) electronic Microsoft Office Word 2010 (or later) file only, re‐named as your student number).Make sure you have both Part A and Part B in this submission in the one file. It should besubmitted through Week 7 of the MIS101 subject in Moodle in the MIBT portal via the

‘Assignment Submission’ link, selecting the ‘Assignment Submission’ folder to upload your assignment document prior to the deadline stated above. Assignments submitted after the deadline or via Email will incur a penalty as per the MIBT Assessment Policy.

Online submission and joining of documents will be covered in the instructions in the Week 6 Tutorial.

We will only assess your formally submitted work as uploaded online through the ‘Assignment Submission Link’ in Week 7 of the MIS101 subject in Moodle in the MIBT portal prior to the deadline stated above.

Important Notes:

It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct assignment file is submitted and the 2 TURNITIN report files are generated on time and in exact accordance with the submission requirements accordingly:

The final template file saved in a valid version of Microsoft Office Word (2010 or later);

The file is not damaged in any way, and that the file can be retrieved and opened in Microsoft Office Word (2010 or later) for review and marking. Mac users must check their assignment file can be opened on a non‐Mac computer in the MIBT labs before submitting. If you submit a file that cannot be opened by a staff member you will receive a zero score and we will not accept another submission.

You must check and verify that your submission was successful (do not ask your Lecturers or Tutors to do this for you).

If the submitted assignment file could not be retrieved or opened for marking, we will NOT ask for the assignment resubmission and the final assignment mark will be entered as a ZERO (i.e. 0/100) result.

No hard copy of the assignment is required and will not be accepted.

Learning Objectives:

In the process of this assessment task you will:

Gain an understanding of:

  • o Protecting information resources;
  • o Ethical considerations within an organisation;
  • o The fundamental tenets of business ethics;
  • oThe consideration of informed consent for an organisation.

Gain a fundamental understanding of Toulmin’s Model of Argument;

Learn to apply the argument model for critical analysis of a case study; and, Demonstrate your critical thinking skills as applied to the argument Claim.

Assignment Case Study:

Claim: >>> Australian business is an ‘easy target’ for cyber attacks

CYBER espionage is used against Australia on a “massive scale” and foreign spies are using government networks to penetrate the digital defences of allies such as the US, according to the ASIO chief, David Irvine.

“Electronic intelligence gathering is now a huge industry,” he told the audience. “It is being used against Australia on a massive scale to extract confidential information from governments, the private sector and ordinary individuals.”

In a speech delivered to business leaders ahead of the Security in Government conference, Mr Irvine gave one of the strongest indications yet of the seriousness with which the government is treating the cyber‐attack threat.

Mr Irvine hinted that Australia was targeted by foreign spies as an access point into the intelligence holdings of the US and Britain.

The growth of the cyber threat has risen in parallel with internet usage, which has rapidly grown to more than 2 billion people last year leaving governments and business scrambling to deal with many security concerns.

“Sometimes it seems the more issues we investigate in cyberspace, the more we find and the increased Internet connectivity, has expanded the opportunities for the legal and illegal purchase of information” Mr Irvine said.

Last week Graham Ingram, the General Manager of Australian Independent Cyber Emergency Unit (AusCERT), told a security conference Australia was as much as five years behind the latest cyber security. Ingram acknowledged this is due to the fast pace of online development meaning the advantage lies with those who seek to intrude upon, rather than those who try to protect, online systems.

Earlier this year it was revealed that foreign spies, hacked into Parliament House’s email system and stole thousands of messages from at least 10 government ministers including the Prime Minister and the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Defence. Mr Irvine said that this demonstrates an increasing need to secure not only the public and private sectors, but also nationally critical infrastructure from foreign intrusion.

Governments are always concerned about the potential for foreign states to hack into and shut down or take control of critical infrastructure control systems that operate sewerage, power, and water.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated that the government already had a plan to greatly strengthen the cyber defence capabilities of Australia’s government agencies. The Prime Ministers also stated the government is working closely in cooperation with business too and was confident of Australia’s resilience in the event of any cyber‐attacks.

These concerns have been heightened by the introduction of Stuxnet ‐a piece of malicious code widely believed to have been created by Israel with US assistance which hacked into Iran’s Natanz nuclear reactor. The head of the US Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity office, Roberta Stempfley, told a US Senate committee on Tuesday that the increasing amount of public information about Stuxnet could see people re‐engineer it for new purposes.

Deakin University’s Professor Matthew Warren spoke on ABC Radio on July 5th, days before the US Department of Defence (DoD) released its latest response to the cyber threat. He revealed that “some foreign intelligence organisations have already acquired the capacity to disrupt elements of information infrastructure” and likewise Australian governments and businesses were also well prepared to defend against cyber‐attacks.

Good luck with your assignment,

MIS101 Teaching Team


Please note:

The main reasons students fail the assignment is because they fail to read this entire document and attend all classes related to the assignment completion, TURNITIN submissions and final assignment submission.

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