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MIS Projects Assignment Help

The projects in this section give you hands-on experience identifying information systems to support a business strategy, analyzing organizational factors affecting the information systems of merging companies, using a database to improve decision making about business strategy, and using Web tools to configure and price an automobile.

Management Decision Problems

  • HBC, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates approximately 600 retail stores in Canada. The stores sell a range of merchandise, including men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings, and housewares. Senior management has decided that HBC needs to tailor merchandise more to local tastes, that the colours, sizes, brands, and styles of clothing and other merchandise should be based on the sales patterns in each individual HBC store. For example, stores in Newfoundland might stock clothing in smaller sizes or brighter colours than those in Regina, or the HBC in Vancouver’s Oakridge Centre might include a greater variety of makeup shades to attract trendier shoppers. How could information systems help HBC’s business management implement this new strategy? What pieces of data should these systems collect to help management make merchandising decisions that support this strategy?
  • Today’s US Airways is the result of a merger between US Airways and America West Airlines. Before the merger, US Airways dated back to 1939 and had very traditional business processes, a lumbering bureaucracy, and a rigid information systems function that had been outsourced to Electronic Data Systems. America West was formed in 1981 and had a younger workforce, a more freewheeling entrepreneurial culture, and managed its own information systems. The merger was designed to create synergies from US Airways’ experience and strong network on the east coast of the United States with America West’s low-cost structure, information systems, and routes in the western United States. What features of organizations should management have considered as it merged the two companies and their information systems? What decisions need to be made to make sure the strategy works?

Improving Decision Making: Using a Database to Clarify Business Strategy

  • Software skills:Database querying and reporting; database design
  • Business skills:Reservation systems; customer analysis

In this exercise, you will use database software to analyze the reservation transactions for a hotel and use that information to fine-tune the hotel’s business strategy and marketing activities.

The Queen’s Inn is a small three-story hotel on the Atlantic Ocean in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Ten rooms overlook side streets, 10 rooms have bay windows that offer limited views of the ocean, and the remaining 10 rooms in the front of the hotel face the ocean. Room rates are based on room choice, length of stay, and number of guests per room. The rates are the same for one to four guests. Fifth and sixth guests pay an additional $20 charge each per day. Guests staying for seven days or more receive a 10-percent discount on their daily room rates. Read more about : Apple Marketing Principles

Business has grown steadily during the past 10 years. Now totally renovated, the inn offers a romantic weekend package to attract couples, a vacation package to attract young families, and a weekday discount package to attract business travellers.

The owners currently use a manual reservation and bookkeeping system, which has caused many problems. Sometimes two families have been booked in the same room at the same time. Management does not have immediate data about the hotel’s daily operations and income.

A sample database for hotel reservation transactions developed in Microsoft Access is shown next, but the Web site may have a more recent version of this database for this exercise.

Develop some reports that provide information to help management make the business more competitive and profitable. Your reports should answer the following questions:

  • What is the average length of stay per room type?
  • What is the average number of visitors per room type?
  • What is the base income per room (i.e., length of visit multiplied by the daily rate) during a specified period of time?
  • What is the strongest customer base?

After answering these questions, write a brief report describing what the database information reveals about the current business situation. Which specific business strategies might be pursued to increase room occupancy and revenue? How could the database be improved to provide better information for strategic decisions?

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