Meteorological Conditions Assignment Help

Meteorological Conditions Assignment Help

Meteorological Conditions Assignment Help An Exploratory study of air quality in some selected areas in the emirate of Abu Dhabi


Meteorological Conditions Assignment HelpExplore the overall air quality in some selected areas in Abu Dhabi with respect to major pollutants such as PM10, PM2.5, Ozone, Sox, NOx, carbon monoxide, VOCs

Research Question:

Is the Air Quality in the selected areas in Abu Dhabi within acceptable levels?

Sub- Objective:

  • Presenting the Meteorologicalconditions in Abu Dhabi during the (2015-2017)
  • Assessing the impact of meteorological conditions on dust level in different areas of Abu Dhabi (PM10 level)
  • Possible human activities in different areas in Abu Dhabi


Study will explore air quality in Emirate of Abu Dhabi

  • Survey will be conducted to determine the available Air Quality Monitor stations in Abu Dhabi( 20 stations around Abu Dhabi Area)
  • Based on the results of the survey, a number of monitoring stations will be chosen in the study (6 stations;Ruwais, Habshan South, Hamdan street, Khalifa City A, Mussafah, Al Maqtaa)
  • Data of the monitoring stations will be collected from EAD after getting the approval (initial approval given) (data from annual reports on quarterly basis should be put in an excel sheet and will be analyzed)
  • Air Quality Index
  • Suitable statistical package will be used to collect the data

Meteorological Conditions Assignment Help


  • Journals from different countries and studies should be used as references
  • Studies about air quality in Abu Dhabi should be used as sources too.
  • Proper scientific references must be used 

Guideline in finding the data that will be used in the research: 

  • An Excel sheet would be provided and you should fill the data from the annual reports that EAD (Environment Agency Abu Dhabi) have provided.
  • From the excel sheet data, graphs should be drawn.
  • Graphs about the metrological conditions in Abu Dhabi is already done but you should just bring it all and put it in a Word Document.
  • Data from ADNOC group (Oil and Gas industry) annual report are available , you should just do the same ( fill the excel sheet and draw graphs).

After that the instructions should be followed to write this report.

Points when writing the research paper:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction:
  • Location of UAE, Climate conditions, General Air Quality condition in Abu Dhabi.
  • Effects of Air pollution on human health
  • Effects of Air pollution on Vegetation
  • Adverse public health effects of pollutants
  • Pollutant sources
  • (We can summarize all this in one table as below)
PollutantMajor SourcesEffects on Human HealthEffects on vegetation
carbon monoxide
  • Chapter 2:Aim of the study, research Question
  • Chapter 3:Metrological conditions in Abu Dhabi ,Background about the 20 Air Quality Stations in Abu Dhabi and oil and gas results on Air Quality
  • Chapter 4:Discussion of results of 20 Air Quality Stations and oil and Gas Air Quality Monitoring( Make a table with the parameters measured in the annual report and discuss )
  • Discuss about the standards and regulations of the Air Quality parameters in Abu Dhabi and if any standard is available WHO, EPA, European Community, Local from EAD (Environment Agency Abu Dhabi )laws and Regulation, National (UAE laws and regulations related to Air Quality)
  • Ambient Air Quality Standards
  • Chapter 5: Recommendations
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion

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