MBA Marketing Assignment Help

MBA Marketing Assignment Help

MBA Marketing Assignment Help can be defined as a process that involves various strategies and strategies, which are used to identify, build and maintain relationships with customers. Price results for both marketing customers and companies. It can also be said as the activity of creating, communicating, exchanging MBA Marketing Assignment Helpand distributing various services. Price for customers (pride and ferial, 2011). Based on other sources, our MBA Marketing Assignment Assistance says that marketing is a management process through which goods and services are transferred from the organization to the customers.

Marketing consists mainly of four elements that develop product selection and development, pricing, distribution channel identification and promotional strategies. These elements help make marketing more effective and efficient (Ferrell and Hartline, 2010). After analyzing the two definitions, it is recognized that marketing is a set of activities, which provides customers with products and services by making profit for the customers. Marketing Many disciplines of the organization and have been formally or informally integrated. With the help of integrating each function, marketers may be able to motivate and influence customers to buy the product and services of the company.

It is analyzed that the highest ethical standard in marketing, protect the environment and provide better services to customers. The focal point of all marketing activities is the customer and these customers are called target markets for organizations. Based on the size of the organization, these target markets can be small and big. It is marketed to attract customers to buy goods and services (Koekemoir, 2004). Two key aspects of marketing are receiving new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers and expanding them. Therefore, every organization adopts marketing to capture a large share of market share and to compete with competing firms.

Importance of Marketing

In today’s competitive market, any business can maintain without effective marketing, whether it be a small or big business. The success of the company relies heavily on marketing efforts with accounting, operational and financial work. It is helpful to create awareness amongst customers about marketing products and services and to create loyal customers for the company. Through marketing, what customers can know Companies are offering them and companies get an opportunity to celebrate customers. Apart from this, marketing is helpful in capturing maximum market share, creating brand names and making customers (Warren & Mansfield, 2005). Through effective marketing, the company can increase sales. Marketing is primarily Focusing on generating awareness among customers, which in turn is helpful in increasing the sales of the company. (Now you can help 24×7 online business MBA simulation assignments from our experts)

Three Different Examples

For example, Coca-Cola has achieved market success through its innovative and attractive marketing. In the year 1999, Coca Cola was convicted by the Belgian Ministry of Health for its products. He said that Coca-Cola products have irregular taste. This incident has ruined the image of Coca Cola in the global market. Due to its effective and aggressive marketing strategy, Coca-Cola has made its sound image in the market. Now, Coca-Cola is one of the largest companies in the beverage industry (Papa & Johnson, 2003). Thus, it is analyzed that marketing is important for creating a sound image in the market.

MBA Marketing Assignment Help

McDonald’s is another company that has succeeded in the global market. This company has adopted effective marketing strategy and now McDonald’s is known for its arc design, which attracts customers and identifies McDonald’s image in the market. Therefore, with the help of marketing, The Company has achieved market success. Through marketing, McDonald’s has established a good position in the minds of the customers and these customers are important to every company to succeed in the market (McDonald’s Corporation, 2008).

In addition to McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart Assignment Assistance has also started to focus on innovative marketing strategies. To overcome the challenges of recession, marketing strategies play an important role in Wal-Mart’s success. With the help of marketing, Wal-Mart has created awareness among customers Low prices of high quality products (NEF, 200 9) Due to competitive market environment, success of every organization depends on the type of marketing strategy. The level of competition has increased, which has developed the importance of marketing for each business firm.


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