Marketing Research Assignment Help

Marketing Research Assignment Help

Marketing Research Assignment Help is providing marketing research assignment help to the students to help them with academic writings and score better grades. Marketing research assignment help can be helpful for students who find it troublesome. We help students to get load off their shoulders. Students generally find people to get rid of their work; we are trying to make your work easier by providing marketing research assignment help at affordable prices. Do not worry, as is there to help you for all marketing research assignment.

Market research is the amalgamation and analysis of crux about clients, competition and the implications of marketing processes. Petty business owners generally use market research when they launch new products to check the risk that has to be faced by the company or business. It also helps in improving business strategies, such as customer service or distribution channels, and develops competitive strategies.

It is part of marketing management studies in various universities. Marketing plan is design upon result of marketing result. Therefore it is required to know – how to perform market research, what aspects need to be research , researching about competitors strategy and formulate plans. Market research constitute about 15-20% weight age of marketing management. In it, students have to design surveys and come with suggestion based on those surveys.

Important topics covered in market research are defining goals . It also includes qualitative and quantitative analysis. Most of time, statistical analysis using various tools support effective market research. SPSS  is helpful in market research. Linear regression is useful technique to derive conclusion. We help student to formulate goals, design of research ,data collection through surveys, analysis of data and preparation of presentations.

List of Topics on Which We Provide Marketing Research Assignment Help

  • Data Analysis- It is the statistical analysis of the data that is condensed, presented in a certain way to make it work.
  • Ethics in Marketing Research – The researcher should be able to research on all the parameters of Market like the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.
  • Marketing Intelligence- It is basically the information relevant for the company and is about the organisation’s market. The information is collected and analysed for a specific purpose and for decision making related to strategies and related developments.
  • Marketing Research Process– Steps involved in the market research process is as mentioned:

Identification of a problem, objectives of research, designing the research properly, planning the Sample, data collection, data processing along with analysis and presentation of report.

  • Marketing Situation Analysis- Situation analysis is basically a method to analyse the external environment for a particular product, service or company image.
  • Marketing strategy Design- Generally marketing strategies have an aim of increasing sales and are designed accordingly to achieve goals.
  • Questionnaire Design- The questionnaire is the structure and design of collecting primary data for market research. Questionnaires are also of many types depending upon the kind of research.
  • Research Methods- Research can be of many types like qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research is exploratory research whereas quantitative research includes statistics and presentation of graphics extracted with the help of feedback or questionnaire.
  • Research Proposal- It includes title, objectives, limitations, literature of review, conclusion and etc.
  • Sampling- Sampling is the samples or people you do the research on, it can be done considering different aspects of research.
  • Value of Market Research- Market research helps us to understand the risks that we are going to face at a very early stage. It also allows us to study the market which again is related to profit making.
  • The Need for Market Research– There are numerous reasons for needing a market research which means a market research could be done for specifically a product or a service depending upon the need of the organisation.
  • Types of Marketing Research- There are majorly three kinds of researches descriptive, exploratory and casual. Descriptive research helps us in getting accurate answers about various confusions we have about the approaching venture. Exploratory research is when the researcher has no idea about the result or doesn’t have to prove anything that is when the research type is exploratory. Casual research includes a very strong cause and effect relationship within the research. It has double variables and this research type basically tests hypothesis.
  • Action Marketing- It is the kind of marketing that calls for an action and provokes the audience to respond immediately. These kinds of strategies work on target audience and helps in increasing sales.
  • Preparing Marketing Research Brief- Market research briefs can depend upon the type of research and needs to include everything about the research in short.
  • Regression Analysis- Regression Analysis is a systematic statistical process where the relationship between the variables is judged.
  • Conjoint Analysis- It is a statistical way to analyse market research for the company’s product or services.
  • Factor Analysis- Factor analysis can help in judging the relationship between variables. As it can dig into complex variables very easily. It also allows researchers to investigate concepts that are not easily measured directly by collapsing a large number of variables into a few interpretable underlying factors.
  • Principal Component Analysis- PCA or Principal Component Analysis is an analysis method used for market research helps in predicting linearly uncorrelated variables.

How We Work While Doing Marketing Research Assignment Help?

We have proficient experts capable of performing the SWOT, Porters five forces, Mckinsey’s 7S, PESTLE analysis and they do not know to conduct or evaluate the market research which is mandatory for marketing regarding new product development. We conduct Qualitative and Quantitative research and other observational methods and marketing designs for your assignment.

In competitor analysis, we build detailed profiles of each competitor in the market, focusing especially on their relative competitive strengths and weaknesses using SWOT analysis, Mckinsey’s 7S, Blue ocean potential, Porter’s Five Forces analysis.

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