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Marketing Principles And Business Practice

Managers at Amare Jewellery are in the process of developing a new range of engagement rings calledBellus. These rings differ to the traditional engagement rings in that rather than including diamonds, they contain other precious stones that are far rarer. However, the managers are uncertain how consumers will react. Consequently, they have asked you, a budding marketing guru, to prepare a research proposal outlining how you would tackle this problem.

Based on your knowledge of both marketing and research project you should prepare a research proposal that clearly outlines:

  • The research problem/question
  • The proposed method
  • The proposed data analysis technique.

Tense:  Since this is a proposal for research to be conducted in the future it should be written in the future tense:

Introduction: A good introduction to set out the background and rational for the research to be conducted. This should clearly identify an appropriate research question.

Hypothesis:   You may choose to include a hypothesis although it is not essential. If you do choose to include a hypothesis consider please label it and consider these three points: Have you written a hypothesis or a research question? Is your hypothesis specific enough? Is it directional? (It should be!)

Method: Write your proposal so that someone else could conduct the research having just read your method section.

Data Analysis: The key for this section is to be specific. Clearly identify what techniques you will use to analyse the data and why (as well as any assumptions you have had to make).
Common Subheadings for a proposal

Introduction: This should include a reasonably concise overview of the theoretical and historical background to the general area of study. The major part of the introduction should concentrate on work specifically related to the question being asked. The end of the introduction should sate the rational for the study and hypothesis under consideration. Read more about : Working Leading People Assignment Help

Method: The method section describes in detail how the study will be conducted, including conceptual and operational definitions of the variables used in the study. The standard headings that are used in an experimental method sections are: participants, apparatus/data collection instruments, research design (e.g., a 2 X 2), procedure and data analysis. However, you could use different subheadings if you believe they are more appropriate for your research project.

Referencing guide


Printed Journal Articles

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E- Journal Articles

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Diodato, N., Bellocchi, G. &Tartari, G. 2012. How do Himalayan areas respond to global warming? International Journal of Climatology. [E-journal]. 32 (7), pp.975–1134. Available at: Accessed 7th June 2012.

Note: A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier, used to uniquely identify an online source. Add in front of the DOI number to create the URL


Author/s. Year. Title. Edition (if relevant). Place of Publication: Publisher.

1 author: Mitchell, A. 2005. Dancing at the Dead Sea: a journey to the heart of environmental crisis. London: Eden Project.

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Chapter/paper in an edited book

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Strauss, S. 2009. Global models, local risks: responding to climate change in the Swiss Alps. In: Crate, S.A. &Nuttall, M. (eds). Anthropology and climate change: from encounters to actions. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. pp. 166-174.

Note:  If the publication date of the chapter is different from the edited book, add the date of the edited book after (eds): e.g. Brown, B. & Green, G. (eds). 2010.

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