This is a solution of Marketing Plan Management Assignment part 2 in which we discuss market segment to introduce its products among the customers.

Marketing Research

Marketing Plan Management Assignment part 2

The marketing research process of Morrisons mainly includes the identification of problem, evaluating the research objectives, collecting the information, analysing the alternatives, implementing the results and the feedbacks in the operations. With the help of market research the management of Morrisons would be able to depict the actual expectations of the customers and the demands and supply of the products and services. The demand of the products justifies the popularity of any of the products in the market. Morrisons had to work on the products positioning and making the brand known to everyone. To attain effective marketing outcomes the organisation would have to plan to have the strategies of segmentation, targeting and positioning of the brand and its products and services. The market segmentation of Morrisons could be performed on the basis of various factors such as geographical, psychographic and behavioural segmentation (Ramsay, 2010). Market segmentation assists Morrisons in gaining growth and expansion over the business operations and attains more profitability. Morrisons at present is performing well with respect to its sales parameters and bringing diversification in the segments. The establishment intends to expand its operations across the boundaries and thus segmentation and diversification are must to be focused on. Morrisons targets men, women and kids to offer its diversified products and makes proper use of social and print media, provide them with special discounts and other perquisites (, 2014). These sources are been utilised by Morrisons to make the people aware about the products and services and attract them in large numbers. The targeting strategy assists Morrisons in confining the widespread segments as it is very much complex to bring diversified natured products at one place. Further, to attain sustainable positioning strategy the organisation opts for the promotional activities like making the people aware about the products and services and attracting them towards it. Morrisons strives hard to position its brand over other competitors and makes the customers incline towards its products by offering low priced products at high qualities.This initiative would also be helping out in meeting the competitive advantage and raising the standards of its brand.

Morrisons is the fourth leading supermarket brand all over the country and offer a large range of food products in the market (Varadarajan, 2010). In order to attain improvements in the products the organisation had initiated to become a food specialist in the industry. Providing quality food products with attractive packaging and prices enhances the market value of the brand and pulls the customers towards the stores. The organisation is been influenced by the buying behaviours of the customers also as the change in the taste and preferences affects the purchase of the particular products. With respect to attaining sustainability in the competitive advantage the organisation has aimed to set the least minimum prices over the products and offer new varieties in the market. It had recently introduced a marketing campaign named as “Morrison’s price check” which claims to be the cheapest food products supermarket and provides the best quality food products in the market for the customers (Ryan, 2014).
Branding assists Morrisons in achieving a recognition in the market among the people as it provide an identification from which the company is been known for. For example, people recognise Morrisons by an outlet offering its products at lower prices and thus indicate the trustworthiness in the products. Marketing in Morrisons had proved to be beneficial at large scale and had supported in diversified areas. The marketing activities include both sales and marketing and are important to the great extent to the organisation as helps in making the brand known and valued in the marketplace (Kapoor and Si, 2014). With respect to Morrisons both direct and indirect marketing activities are essential in its functionalities. To make the concepts more effective Morrison could make use of modern technology and implement in its routine operations to have enhanced profitability and a brand image and maximisation of sales records.Being a customer centric organisation it is very important for Morrisons to focus on their requirements and their satisfaction with them. The consumers must be satisfied with the products and services both being delivered at the stores. The marketing management team must ensure to meet the expectations of the customers and make them delighted. It is also important for the organisation to be aware about the buying behaviour of the clients and execute the strategies accordingly. The perceptions, desires and expectation of customers with the brand must be evaluated. Therefore, the management of Morrisons takes feedbacks from the customer on the periodic basis and analysis the changing patterns on their choices (De Mooij, 2010). The change in their taste and preferences also influences the sales of the products and to reduce this type of risk the organisation must keep on bringing innovation in the products and provide them with something new into the products like attractive packaging, discounts, offers, flavours or varieties in the food products, etc. The management had also taken an initiative to provide better training and development sessions to the employees to deliver the best services and make the customers delighted at the store. Having a customer satisfy is the biggest achievement for the organisation which is entirely based on the retail products. By satisfying and making the customers delight Morrisons would attain loyal customers and an increment in the sales parameters as well.With respect to the current era, the people are inclining towards the technological and digital ways of shopping (, 2012). With the help of digital marketing Morrisons would be able to access better future scopes and would influence the marketing and sales activities also.

The digital marketing techniques have better future scopes and would be surely helping out in bringing the customers towards the brand. The reformed marketing tactics would assist in bringing new advanced techniques like online applications, offers, products details, etc. for the customers and would surely provide a greater expansion over the business aspects also. The organisation would attain a great exposure across the boundaries as displaying the promotional activities online would approach a large platform of people irrespective of any local or national boundaries. Morrisons would be able to acquire an exposure with its product in other countries and could conveniently operate the business over the online sources (Erdoğmuş and Cicek, 2012). The new generation of marketing and its activities attains a distinct way of approaching the customers and making them convinced to buy the products with the company specifically. It is been considered as the most effective way of marketing the products and services.


Marketing is the science of meeting the requirements of the customer with the help of valuable products and services being provided to them and simultaneously achieving the desired objectives of the organisation. With the above study it is been concluded that planning for the marketing activities is a fundamental task in any of the organisation as these activities gives a basis over the promotional activities for selling the product and services within a market segment. Therefore it is essential for the organisation to focus on the pricing strategies of the products and make them available at the best possible prices to the customers. The essay had also recognised that Morrisons would be able to acquire a greater exposure in its products and services in other countries also and would suitably operate the business activities over the online sources.

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