Marketing Orientation for a Selected Organization

Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization

In this assignment the company looks at the benefits of both itself and the customers. The policy of the company which lays emphasis on meeting the demands of the customers is referred to as market orientation. The benefits of the company are divided into the two categories. The company we are considering in this assignment is Sainsbury’s. The philosophy of the company is “Sainsbury’s for quality; Sainsbury for value”

  • Benefit of the company

There will be the following benefits of the company. The company tries to offer all the solution to the problem of the customers. The company tries to deliver the quality goods ofquality goods to the customers at the lowest possible prices. In this way the company is able to get the loyal customers and also attract the new customers. Our company Sainsbury’s is able to make the profit by the following ways:

  1. The company gives the proper recognition to the customer. They greatly value their customers and make them their priority. The customer is the man asset to the company and the company realizes their value very well. The customers are the major driving force of the company.
  2. The company tries their best to make the customers their loyal customers. The company has a customer support for solving all the problems of the employees. The company gives many bonuses and benefits to the old customers so the customers remain loyal to the company. In this way the old and the loyal customers will keep buying from the same company. The company also gives the loyalty cards to the old customers to make them coming back to the same company. The company also offers seasonal discounts to increase the sales of the company.
  3. When the customers remain loyal to the company they spread positive word of mouth about the company. When the company has a good reputation then it becomes a competitive advantage for the company. When the competitive advantage happens then the company makes a larger benefits. The company with a good reputation and a positive word of mouth will attract many new customers.
  4. The company gains benefits from having the loyal customers and recommendations from the present ones will help the company gain larger profit. More and more customer will buy from the company and hence increased sales and finally larger profit. (Neil, 2016)
  • Benefits of the customers

The company launched its online portal to make the availability of the products easier to the customers. The customers get benefit from launching the loyalty cards and giving discounts to the customers. Some of the benefits of the customers offered by the company are customer care solution, security of their money and the products, reliability of the customers on the products of the company and help from the customer care regarding various services related to the products.

The customers of the Sainsbury’s will get the benefits of the various products of the company. The customers are given high quality goods at the reasonable prices. If any defective product is delivered to the customer by mistake then the product is replaced by the company free of cost. The quality of the product is so good that there is no need to buy the products very frequently.

  • Cost of marketing orientation

All the large companies including Sainsbury’s know full well that the company faces many expenses and overhead charges. The company should be prepared to face all these hurdles in the way of marketing strategies. The company has to perform an extensive research of the market to get familiar with all the trends of the market. The company has to generate the expenses and the cost of the products of the company. Advertisement of the company creates a cost over the company. Making the banners and designing the website generates a heavy cost over the company. In manufacturing of the high quality goods the company has to invest a great deal in the purchase of the raw material. The company has to invest in researching about the trends of the market so as to understand the behavior of the customer. Market research helps in targeting the potential customers and making the huge gains for the company. The company has to pay a great deal of money in paying the wages of the customers and paying the electricity bills. The company pays for the healthcare of the employees and the company keeps a good care of the safety in the workplace. (Lister, 2016).Order Now

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